Chris Hemsworth Is Careful Not To Overstay His Welcome In MCU

Chris Hemsworth Is Careful Not To Overstay His Welcome In MCU
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The actor doesn't mind reprising his most famous role, but only if certain conditions are met.

Thor, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the MCU, is one of the few original Avengers still appearing in Marvel movies, along with Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, and Mark Ruffalo 's Hulk, who began his journey more than a decade ago with his first solo film.

However, it seems that Hemsworth doesn't intend to play the character for too long, being careful not to overstay his welcome in the cinematic universe.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the actor explained that he doesn't mind playing Marvel's version of the Norse god again.

But there is a catch: he has to walk a fine line of not exhausting the character so that fans don't "roll their eyes when they see [him] come on the screen."

But he loves playing Thor, so if there's audience demand and some fun and interesting ideas to explore, he'd love to appear in more stories involving the character and keep them "a little unpredictable."

Fans say that as long as the Thor movies stay away from being the clown show that Love and Thunder was, there will always be a demand for him and things will be great.

Many of them miss the old, badass Thor of the first two films, before Ragnarok started adding a considerable amount of humor to the character, which, while fresh at first, turned out not to be the best way to treat the most powerful avenger.

Others jokingly point out that Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino 's comments about superhero movies may have actually hurt him, as he admitted in another interview.

Although Chris Hemsworth is actually a pretty decent actor, he hasn't had much luck outside of the MCU, the only exception being perhaps Extraction (2020), so Thor is still his most famous role.

But maybe this is about to change, as Extraction 2 got quite positive reviews, calling it a great sequel that improves on the ideas of the original, so maybe we will see the third movie relatively soon.

Extraction 2 will be released on June 16, 2023 and is currently in theaters.

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