Chicago P.D. Boss Teases New Recruits For The Team

Chicago P.D. Boss Teases New Recruits For The Team
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It’s about time we get some fresh blood.


  • Chicago P.D. is an NBC procedural drama that is part of the One Chicago universe, along with Chicago Fire and Chicago Med.
  • The show has returned for its 11th season, which will be a final one for Detective Hailey Upton.
  • Showrunner Gwen Sigan teases the possibility of meeting new members of Intelligence.

The big return of Chicago P.D. was everything fans wanted and more. We got to see the characters moving on with their lives 6 months after the last season’s finale, but still dealing with the pain of their past.

Although season 11 will move the story forward, it is now clear that the weight of Upton and Halstead's divorce and Ruzek's difficult recovery will not go away any time soon. If anything, viewers are in for quite an emotional ride. However, that doesn't mean that Chicago P.D. is going to deprive us of any fun.

One thing viewers are likely to get this season is a new face to get to know. After all, the team wouldn't be able to function at this point without newcomers being thrown into the mix.

Chicago P.D. Season 11 New Cast Members

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The math is simple: with one member of the team still struggling to fully recover and return to work, and another on the way out, Chicago P.D. could soon be short of members. Not to mention the team dynamic, which could only benefit from a fresh perspective.

The only obvious problem is that Voight isn't in a hurry to hire anyone new just yet.

From the point of view of Ruzek's story, it must be reassuring to know that you still have your place on the team. However, with the audience having the power to oversee everything that goes on in the show, there is a concern that the cast will only get smaller as the show goes on.

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But don't worry. According to showrunner Gwen Sigan, Chicago P.D. is ready for a new recruit. Here's what she said in an interview with TVLine:

“We’ve got space for another, and it would be really fun to have someone new come in. It always offers up so many opportunities for our existing characters to interact with someone new so yes, I hope so,” she said.

Sigan's not the only one to see the appeal of new cast members joining the team. Of course, if the fandom had its way, Tracy Spiridakos' Hailey Upton would not be disappearing in this season's finale, but introducing someone new and trying to warm them up before the show's most popular character leaves is not a bad idea.

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To find out who will be the lucky guy or girl to join the Secret Service and join the team on all the adventures to come, keep an eye out for all the upcoming news and behind-the-scenes updates.

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Source: TVLine