Bridgerton Waves Goodbye to Yet Another Fan Favorite Character

Bridgerton Waves Goodbye to Yet Another Fan Favorite Character
Image credit: Netflix

Fans already campaign to bring him back.

One of the best things about Bridgerton is the way the show never gets stuck in one place. With each season covering each book from Julia Quinn’s novel series, the cast is growing with some new characters, and the new stories are constantly being told. However, that also means that fans have to wave goodbye to their favorites.

Season 3, for example, lacked the appearance of season 1 leading couple, Daphne and Simon, as both Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page moved on with their respective careers. Ruby Barker, who portrayed Marina Thompson, also wasn’t present this time around. However, there are more heartbreaking departures to come.

Will Featheringtons Be Back for Bridgerton Season 4?

Season 3 of the show was truly transformative, not only for its main character, Penelope Featherington, who is now a Bridgerton, but for the entire Featherington family. By learning to love and respect each other and to be honest about their feelings, Portia Featheringthon and all three of her daughters, Philipa, Prudence and Penelope, got their happy endings.

And while it's safe to assume that Penelope and Colin will be back in season 4, just as Kate and Anthony were this season, other Featheringtons, as well as their husbands, may end their arcs on a high note.

Lorn Macdonald, who portrays Philipa's lovable husband Albion Finch, recently posted what appears to be the exit soft launch post on his Instagram. He thanked his fans and co-stars and ended the post with 'It's been real,' leading fans to believe he will not be returning.

Although viewers held some grudges against the mean Featherington sisters, they fell in love with Mr. Finch from the moment he was introduced in season 1. His bond with Philipa over their favorite cheeses made him one of the fandom's memes as viewers awaited his return.

No matter who gets the lead role in season 4, Mr. Finch, as well as Mr. Dankworth and their wives, won't have any real importance to their story. So it might as well be the actor's farewell to the fandom. If you want to see Albion Finch in the spotlight of season 3, be sure to stream it on Netflix today.