Breaking Bad Planned a Totally Different Ending for Jesse, but Humanity Won 

Breaking Bad Planned a Totally Different Ending for Jesse, but Humanity Won 
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An alternative finale we didn't deserve.

Breaking Bad is so popular for many reasons, with the main being the story that Vince Gilligan put at the heart of it. But the story itself wouldn’t have worked so brilliantly without the main cast of the show.

Bryan Cranston 's Walter White and Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman have become, and will always remain, iconic characters in the industry. The journey they both take to completely change their lives and personalities is both terrifying and exhilarating.

But while Walt was a lost soul by the finale, it seemed that the writers always had some hope for Paul's character. As a result, there's hardly a fan who hasn't felt for him in the various situations he's found himself in.

At the end of the show, the writers even got him out of the drug business and gave him a chance to start a new life. But as Thomas Schnauz and George Mastras recently revealed, there was a completely different plan for how to end Jesse's story.

In the interview with SlashFilm, they shared that the original idea was to have Jesse inherit Walt's drug empire and make him the new kingpin of Albuquerque. But everything changed after they decided that Todd would end up killing Drew Sharp in the train robbery episode.

That was actually the pivotal moment for Jesse's arc. As Mastras said, Drew's death really turned Jesse against Walt once and for all. And after that, all the logic they put into the storyline of Jesse becoming the kingpin instead of retired Walt just made no sense.

Jesse was even more angry with himself than with Walt. He couldn't live with all that guilt inside him and proudly rule the drug empire. That's why killing Walter and setting Jesse free was the best decision.

Source: SlashFilm