Blue Bloods: Tom Selleck Reportedly Can’t Afford Losing The Show

Blue Bloods: Tom Selleck Reportedly Can’t Afford Losing The Show
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As tough as Blue Bloods’ finale is for us fans, it’s reportedly disastrous for Tom Selleck: the TV star can’t afford to lose his role as Commissioner Frank Reagan.


  • Blue Bloods will end with Season 14 after its long 14-year-old run on CBS.
  • Sources claim that for Tom Selleck, losing Blue Bloods will be a financial catastrophe.
  • However, earlier reports suggested that the lead star wanted to retire after decades on TV screens.

After an amazing 14-year-old run, Blue Bloods was recently officially announced to end with the upcoming Season 14. Despite the obvious budget issues in the past year, it was hard to imagine that Blue Bloods would end so soon: even pessimists bet on 15 seasons. Fans of the series were understandably devastated by the news.

But admittedly, no one’s quite as frustrated with this decision as Tom Selleck himself.

Tom Selleck Desperately Needs Blue Bloods, Reports Claim

In Tom Selleck’s TV actor career, Blue Bloods is far from the first big series — but the most recent and important one. Selleck’s co-stars adore him; he receives hefty paychecks from it even after the 25% cut; and in general, the Frank Reagan actor has always spoken fondly of his experience making the show.

But admittedly, the news about the show coming to a closure didn’t frustrate the actor for emotional reasons only: the National Enquirer’s sources suggest that with Blue Bloods gone, Selleck’s personal life and financial state might suffer a lot.

“[Tom and his wife Jillie’s time apart] makes their time together all the sweeter. I don't think Jillie wants Tom around 24/7 any more than he wants that. And [their] ranch comes with very high costs for upkeep. Losing more than $4 million a year in salary could create a real cash crunch,” the insider revealed.

Indeed, Tom Selleck’s recent statements seem to support this claim — but at the same time, they go against everything we’ve learned about this situation lately.

Blue Bloods Ending Might Be Best For Tom Selleck

It’s no one’s news that in the past months, the Blue Bloods lead star has been dealing with a health crisis; we reported on it in July 2023. Reports even suggested that due to his constant arthritis pains, Tom Selleck had to use stunt doubles even for scenes like entering and exiting the car or traversing stairs.

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At the same time, it wasn’t too long ago that sources suggested the star wanted to finally retire and lead a relaxed life on his ranch after Blue Bloods finale. These reports directly clash with the latest ones, so by far, the only person who can truly know what’s on Tom Selleck’s mind is the Frank Reagan star himself.

Source: National Enquirer via RadarOnline