Blue Bloods Spinoff: Did the Fan Campaign Actually Work?

Blue Bloods Spinoff: Did the Fan Campaign Actually Work?
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This fandom’s power is unmatched.

While there are many cable TV shows that have gone on far too long and need to end, there are some titles that are canceled too soon when there is still plenty of potential for the story to continue. That was the case with ABC's Station 19, and then again with CBS' Blue Bloods.

The #SaveBlueBloods campaign has spread like wildfire across the internet, with fans of the show spamming comments on the network's official accounts with the hashtag to get noticed. The stars of the show have also joined the effort, rooting for a renewal of their series.

And even though Blue Bloods is still set to end with season 14, there is now a very promising update that could change everything.

Will There Be a Blue Bloods Spinoff?

It is too early to start popping champagne and celebrating the success of the campaign, but there are some very exciting rumors that may end up being true. According to TVLine's source, during the meeting with Paramount shareholders, Global co-CEO Brian Robbins commented on the future of some of the new network's franchises.

“In TV, new franchise extensions are coming for Dexter, Billions, and Blue Bloods. CBS’ hit Fire Country shows huge promise,” he said.

While the viewers have already known about Dexter and Fire Country having new spinoffs already in development, no one expected recently canceled Blue Bloods to make such a list. The series’ fans and stars, including the patriarch of the Reagan family Tom Selleck, have been waiting for the show to continue with season 15, and not return in the form of a spinoff.

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Of course, the development of the Blue Bloods spin-off may simply be at too early a stage to share the news. At first, CBS and Paramount’s analysts will need to research whether expanding the Blue Bloods universe is a profitable idea, and only then the show will start to get some outline to it.

Right now, CBS refused to give any comments on the Blue Bloods’ spinoff existing at all. However, fans who have been fighting for so long to see the Reagan family back at the table for another set of family dinners, now have an exciting possibility to hold on to before the official news strike.

If you are interested in watching the Blue Bloods season 14 finale, the second part of the season will air on CBS later this year. So keep an eye out for the premiere date announcement.

Source: TVLine