Blue Bloods Is So Long, It’s Now Running Out Of Victim Names

Blue Bloods Is So Long, It’s Now Running Out Of Victim Names
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It’s the perfect time to wrap the story up.


  • Blue Bloods is a CBS police procedural drama that has been on the air since 2010.
  • The show will air its 13th and final season on February 16, 2024.
  • Although many believe the drama has many more stories to offer, viewers have noticed the repetition in the names of the victims.

Many TV viewers and networks would disagree, but all good things, including our favorite TV shows, must come to an end. It's never easy to say goodbye to characters that viewers have grown to love over the years, but the longer a show lasts, the more likely it is that its quality will diminish.

However, there are a number of shows that have run for more than two decades, including NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit or ABC's Grey's Anatomy, there aren't many fans who would come to their defense. While the earlier seasons are beloved by the majority, the later ones usually make people want to turn off their TVs.

To avoid such an unfortunate fate, CBS had to make the decision to cancel Blue Bloods relatively early for a police procedural drama, just before season 14.

While some fans still want to riot against the decision, claiming that the show still has much more to offer, others are noticing the smallest details that show that the story of the Reagan family needs to end.

Blue Bloods Victim’s Name Mistake

While the small inconsistency that viewers noticed on Blue Bloods doesn't seem nearly as scandalous as Games of Thrones' viral Starbucks cup incident, it's very similar in nature. When the production isn't as careful and attentive to what it's doing as it used to be, mistakes like this are bound to happen.

The repetition of the victims' names was caught by a Blue Bloods viewer and shared on the r/bluebloods subreddit.

“In season 11 episode 1 Danny and Baez are investigating the murder of a Madeleine Gleason and then in season 12 episode 12 Eddie is try to help a rape victim named Madeleine Gleason,” Redditor TheSportsGuru1 said.

Considering the size of New York and the number of people with the same name, as well as different spellings of the same name, it wouldn't be surprising if the names were repeated in real life. In the shows, however, the writers usually try harder to distinguish between two victims of two completely different cases.

Does this mean that the Blue Bloods writers are running out of ideas and names? Not necessarily. However, the relatively short amount of time between two cases suggests that someone may have inadvertently reused their own creation without realizing it.

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Whether you think this is the right time for Blue Bloods to say goodbye, or you want to see more of the Reagan family's adventures, tune in to the show's 13th and final season on February 16 on CBS.