Big Update on Barbillion: Will Robbie and Gosling Enter the $1B Club?

Big Update on Barbillion: Will Robbie and Gosling Enter the $1B Club?
Image credit: Warner Bros.

New projection suggests that Greta Gerwig’s bright-pink adventure comedy will party its way into the $1B movies club by the end of this weekend, and it’s very likely!

Barbie and Oppenheimer have been this year’s most anticipated movies for months, but it was still hard to predict just how massive their success will be. Even when the Barbenheimer memes overtook the world, we were all still clueless about the true scale and audacity of Greta Gerwig and Christopher Nolan ’s new films.

The two movies broke all projections for their opening weekends: despite their generosity and optimism, they were all very wrong. Barbie and Oppenheimer managed to clear twice as much as they were expected to in the first three days after their release, and then they met the opening weekend projections on their second weekend.

Obviously, Christopher Nolan’s 3-hour-long biopic about the father of the atomic bomb is way tamer than Greta Gerwig’s bright-pink adventure comedy. While Oppenheimer does great numbers, Barbie goes ahead and multiplies them, and this plastic doll train is currently speeding right toward the huge $1B box office mark!

The question of whether the rumored Barbillion is even possible has been in the air ever since the opening weekend, but things were less obvious back then. After the second weekend, what seemed like a bizarre ambition started growing on many people; as the third weekend is approaching, the Barbillion almost looks inevitable.

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According to Deadline, the latest projection suggests that Barbie will pass the $1B mark by the end of this weekend, joining the Big Money Club. Considering how the movie’s only been out for two weekends and has already accumulated over $811M in box office revenue, we can’t help but agree that this might as well be the case.

If the Barbillion really happens, it will obviously be an enormous milestone for director Gerwig, lead actors Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, and Mattel — the company owner of Barbie. Mattel is already on its way to creating its own cinematic universe, but the Barbillion is sure to give them a billion more reasons to try.

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