Attack on Titan: 5 Facts You Didn't Know While Watching The Anime

Attack on Titan: 5 Facts You Didn't Know While Watching The Anime
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Attack on Titan is famous for its elaborate and complicated storylines.

The plot skillfully plays with the audience's expectations, creating a lot of tricks, and each answer it gives raises several new questions, thanks to which the interest in its work only grows.

Attack on Titan is full of little details that only a few people will notice on the first or even the second viewing.

However, they end up being important to the plot, and also serve as a confirmation of why this anime is considered one of the most outstanding in recent times.

Moreover, manga and anime could be very different if the mangaka stuck to his original ideas. This is a list of interesting facts that will open up new facets of the cult anime.

Rod Reiss's transformation

To transform a human into a Titan, the cerebrospinal fluid must enter the bloodstream. Another ways, be it food or drink (Marleyan wine) or aerosol (a gas sprayed into Ragako), will not result in instant transformation.

Rod Reiss was not transformed because he licked the liquid off the floor, as it might appear, but because it entered his bloodstream through the wounds inflicted by Kenny.

Forest instead of the wall

Instead of a wall surrounding people, there should have been a forest – that is how Hajime Isayama, the manga author, saw the world he created.

But in the end, rationality prevailed: the wall turned out to be a much more logical defense against the hulk-like giants.

In fact, the idea of the forest was Hajime's flashback to a happy childhood – to the quiet Japanese area surrounded by mountains and forests where he grew up.

Hange's gender

You thought Hange was a female?

It is not so clear, basically there is no right answer. In the anime, the character was voiced by a woman, but in the manga, due to the rules of the Japanese language and the consonance of the pronouns "he" and "she," Hange remains a genderless creature.

Mangaka said he did this on purpose, as gender is not important in the plot and story, so let your imagination fly and decide for yourself.

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Zeke and the plush monkey

While exploring his father's memory, Eren saw baby Zeke, whom his parents had been diligently preparing for what they believed to be a great mission.

One shot shows Zeke with a toy monkey that strongly resembles his future Beast Titan form. Just an interesting visual reference, but how much meaning does it carries.

Falco and Breaking Bad connection

Isayama admitted that Falco was created in the image of Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. And while the boy is clearly not a drug addict with a troubled past, the formal resemblance is hard to deny.