Anya Taylor-Joy Can Get a Second Marvel Chance After 2020 Fox’s Flop

Anya Taylor-Joy Can Get a Second Marvel Chance After 2020 Fox’s Flop
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Can Anya Taylor-Joy be the next big villain in the MCU?


  • Anya Taylor-Joy is rumored to be considered for a villain role in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.
  • Fans are excited about her potential involvement but also have mixed feelings because of her previous role in The New Mutants.
  • Marvel enthusiasts hope her role will be well-developed and not just another one-time villain.

The cast for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie is hands down one of the most buzzed-about and rumor-filled topics in recent years, at least when it comes to Marvel projects. Now a new intriguing casting rumor has surfaced.

According to DanielRPK (via The Hollywood Handle), Anya Taylor-Joy is reportedly being eyed for a villain role in the upcoming Fantastic movie.

This news has sparked a lively discussion among Marvel fans on Reddit, where they are sharing their thoughts and hopes for her potential involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fans Would Love Anya Taylor-Joy in MCU, But There Is a Catch

While the idea of Anya joining the MCU is thrilling, many fans can't help but reminisce about her previous Marvel role as Magik in The New Mutants (2020) by FOX.

Some Reddit users expressed their longing to see her reprise this role, especially in future projects like Deadpool 3, where she could interact with her on-screen brother, Colossus.

Even though The New Mutants is considered one of the worst Marvel movies ever, Anya Taylor-Joy’s portrayal of Magik was a standout for many, leaving a lasting impression that fans are eager to see more of.

Who Could Anya Taylor-Joy Play in the Fantastic Four Movie?

While some fans are joking about Anya Taylor-Joy portraying Doctor Doom, the iconic Fantastic Four villain, when it comes to which villain she might actually play, there's a ton of speculation on that.

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Some fans are guessing she could be playing Frankie Raye, one of the heralds of Galactus, which would be a significant role in the MCU. Others are toying with the idea of a gender-swapped Terrax, another Fantastic Four villain, or Silver Surfer.

No matter which character she ends up playing, fans agree with the idea that Anya has the talent to make it something really special. Fingers crossed it's not just another one-time villain we're all tired of seeing so many times.

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