Allison's Comeback in Teen Wolf Movie Just Doesn't Make Sense

Allison's Comeback in Teen Wolf Movie Just Doesn't Make Sense
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Jeff Davis clearly was beyond excited, talking about Crystal Reed's Allison returning to Teen Wolf: The Movie at the recent NYCC panel. However, not everyone shares Davis' excitement, unfortunately: some fans are arguing that Allison being back from the dead makes zero sense.

Although we don't know anything about how Allison's resurrection is handled in the movie (or even if it is, in fact, resurrection), the most popular fan theory suggests Nogitsune once again possessing one of Scott McCall closest friends. This particular theory is met with much annoyance, because a part of Teen Wolf fandom now claims that reusing the show's most popular villain (the Nogitsyne) without Dylan O'Brien returning as Stiles is just plain ridiculous. However loved Allison is by Teen Wolf fandom, and however talented Crystal is, there's no other actor, it seems, who could potentially top Dylan's performance as Nogitsune-possessed character.

Allison's Comeback Will Ruin Scott and Malia for Teen Wolf Fans

It's not just that fans are actively missing Dylan O'Brien and good old days of void!Stiles. It's also the fact that the whole Allison-is-possessed-by-Nogitsune plot twist is too predictable to fans' taste and, moreover, in some ways jeopardizes established Teen Wolf lore.

For example, in the newest clip, introduced by Teen Wolf cast at NYCC, Allison, while going after Derek, is still herself; if the Nogitsune really did take over her body, she basically wouldn't exist – like it happened with Rhys back in Teen Wolf season 3b, who ended up being just an empty shell.

The list of reasons why Allison's comeback doesn't make sense goes on, though. And perhaps the biggest complaint is how Allison being alive again effectively undoes everything she's been through; the character's beautiful and tragic arc, resulting in her self-sacrifice to save her friends, apparently is cheapened somehow by her coming back from the dead.

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Of course, despite how vocal Jeff Davis' critics are (as Teen Wolf fandom tends to be), the majority of fans are just happy to once again watch Allison being badass, and some are one hundred percent sure that Crystal Reed's character is more than capable to carry the whole movie.

About that, though: according to rumors, Allison won't be the main Teen Wolf: The Movie villain after all. Hopefully we'll learn a bit more when new footage arrives (after all, Davis himself told the NYCC crowd that the new trailer is "coming"). Teen Wolf: The Movie premieres on Paramount+ January 26, 2023.