All Saw X Traps, Ranked According to Their Brutal Creativity

All Saw X Traps, Ranked According to Their Brutal Creativity
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You know the traps are good when the neighbors call the cops on you.

Though Saw X elicited mixed feelings from fans and critics, one thing both sides can agree on is how gruesome and twisted the new traps are. This time the movie takes a different approach, focusing on John Kramer's personal vendetta and character development rather than the typical trap-and-kill formula.

However, here are all 7 traps from the movie that prove that the trap-and-splat formula is still on the top level.

7. Gas Room

The final trap and a satisfying twist of the movie is when Dr. Pederson and Parker unknowingly enter a gas chamber with a single vent for survival. While not the most gruesome trap, the gas room highlights John Kramer's cunning while revealing Dr. Pederson's heartlessness.

6. Pipe Bomb

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The first trap set by Jigsaw targets Diego, a fraudulent surgeon who preyed on cancer patients, including John Kramer. In this gruesome sequence, he has two pipe bombs implanted in his arms and must use the blades that are attached to his hands to cut through his skin and remove the bombs. We give this trap 2 bombs out of 7.

5. Bone Marrow

The bloodiest and most gruesome trap involves a woman named Valentina who is tied to a pipe with a timed decapitation wire. In order to escape, Valentina must amputate her left leg and, in the most disturbing of ways, extract bone marrow through a tube before the timer runs out.

4. Radiation Trap

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In Gabriella's trap, she is suspended by chains and exposed to high levels of radiation. To escape, she must break an arm and a leg, but the radiation severely damages her skin. The detailed prosthetics make the scene even more gruesome, as the brutal act of breaking her limbs adds to the brutality of the trap.

3. Blood Injection

While not overly gruesome, the blood injection trap is too damn creative. It involves a seesaw-like mechanism where the person at the bottom gets blood poured over them. Originally intended as a decoy for Dr. Pederson, it becomes more disturbing when an innocent child, Carlos, is lured into it by her, with John shielding the child from most of the torture.

2. Brain Surgery

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The Brain Surgery Trap was highly anticipated after the release of the trailer, and it definitely lived up to the hype. Mateo, one of the scammers who posed as an anesthesiologist, must now perform brain surgery on himself, without any anesthesia of course, cutting out enough brain matter before time runs out, or a bladed mask will close and kill him.

1. Eye Vacuum

The opening scene contains the most unforgettable and brutally creative trap when a guard is given a brutal choice: break his fingers to prevent the vacuum from sucking out his eyes. He fails, and the movie doesn't hold back on the gruesome details, including the eyes being torn from their sockets.

According to director Kevin Greutert, when his first assistant editor, Steve Forn, finished designing the sound for an eye-vacuum trap, his neighbors called the police on him because they thought someone was being tortured to death. Well, they weren't wrong though (via NME).

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Source: NME