All Avengers Movies Ranked From Meh To Action Masterpiece By Rotten Tomatoes

All Avengers Movies Ranked From Meh To Action Masterpiece By Rotten Tomatoes
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Even the most successful franchises have their downsides.

Although there is a never-ending battle between fans of Marvel and DC, there are also some ongoing battles for the title of most popular superhero within each team. However, there is one team in the Marvel Universe that has no competition at all, either in the comic books or in a cinematic universe.

The Avengers premiered on the big screen in 2012, right after four of the team members, including the two leaders Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, and Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, were properly introduced in their solo films. It was a huge success and kicked off the most successful MCU franchise to date.

However, not all the parts have been as exciting. Here are all the Avengers movies that have been released, ranked from the least successful to the most loved and critically acclaimed by Rotten Tomatoes.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – 76%

Having 76% as the worst score on the list is an achievement in itself. However, the second part of a franchise written and directed by Joss Whedon got a fair share of criticism from both fans and critics. The film got a lot darker than the first part, lost a lot of its humor, and felt a bit overcrowded to many viewers.

Avengers: Infinity War – 85%

It's hard to believe The Avengers' toughest battle yet to be the second from last place, but it just goes to show how high the expectations for these films were. The heartbreaking ending with the majority of characters turning into dust has definitely played into the fans' reluctance to re-watch it. It's just too painful to cope with!

The Avengers – 91%

To understand the importance of this movie's release you just had to be there. The story of the five strongest heroes joining into one team has forever changed the view on superhero movies as a genre. This film was the one to show how broad the possibilities within action can be, and how much can be achieved.

Avengers: Endgame – 94%

Although all endings are usually bittersweet, this one managed to not only get a lot of appreciation but also top the rating as the best Avengers film there is. It ends the Infinity Saga in a most entertaining yet heartfelt manner, honoring everyone who's been involved in it throughout the years, and saying goodbye to the team as we know it.