Alan Ritchson Thinks He May Have Already Played James Bond — Sorta

Alan Ritchson Thinks He May Have Already Played James Bond — Sorta
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And for the actor it seems to be enough.


  • While the whole cinematic world gets to decide who is going to be the next James Bond, Alan Ritchson is sure he’s already portrayed the famous spy — in a very different show.
  • The 2022 series stars Ritchson as a former military policeman who, just like James Bond, gets to confront the criminal world.
  • According to the actor, he’s pretty much fine with his own James Bond-ish interpretation as he feels like the original character needs to be significantly improved.

While the worldwide famous franchise about a British charismatic spy is looking for yet another right candidate to bring the famous character back to the screens, the US has already got James Bond’s American version — not officially.

Though Alan Ritchson’s Reacher definitely gives a vibe very different from the one we usually expect from the Bondiana, the actor thinks that his character is some kind of James Bond — and, what’s more, his perfected version.

While talking to Entertainment Weekly recently, the actor revealed that he wouldn’t be very enthusiastic about landing James Bond’s role — and Ritchson has solid reasons for it.

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Despite the fact that many British actors dream about getting to portray the famous spy considering it a top moment of their career, Ritchson personally finds the character a bit outdated and thus full of significant flaws feeling like “it's all a little misogynistic and predictable at this point”.

The actor then added that he didn’t really need to try to go for James Bond’s role as he, in his opinion, had already portrayed him in Reacher — a detective thriller show about a former military policeman whose incredible physical and intellectual abilities make him a good competitor to the country’s biggest criminals.

As the actor put it in the interview, his character Jack Reacher could be some kind of American James Bond if the latter had significantly evolved moving away from his antiquated views.

According to Ritchson, there’s a little bit more of humanity and vivacity in Reacher than in reserved and earnest James Bond.

Though the former may not seem as cool as the latter, Jack’s lack of determination about himself is what makes him so much more versatile and compelling to the viewer.

Source: Entertainment Weekly