Aladdin's Happily Ever After Was a Lie Created by Genie to Fulfill His Wish

Aladdin's Happily Ever After Was a Lie Created by Genie to Fulfill His Wish
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Most fans assume that Genie fulfilled Aladdin’s first wish immediately, but the truth is that the entire Disney movie was Genie bending reality to meet the requirements.


  • In Aladdin, the titular hero wishes not to be a prince but for Genie to make him a prince, which is different.
  • This wish bypassed Genie’s love-inducing restriction since to become a prince, Aladdin had to marry a princess.
  • All the events of the movie were part of Genie’s elaborate plan that saw Aladdin marry Jasmine in the very end, just like the man wanted.

The love story of Aladdin and Jasmine is beautiful and captivating. From a petty thief, Aladdin became the prince of Agrabah, but that wasn’t even partially thanks to his heroics. Everything that transpired in the movie was part of Genie’s brilliant multi-layered plan that bent reality to his will — all to make Aladdin the new prince.

Aladdin’s Cunning Bypassed Genie’s Restrictions

If you paid close attention to Aladdin’s first wish, he never wanted to be a prince. His wording was very specific: he demanded that Genie make him a prince. That’s not just a different way of saying the same thing, of course, as there’s a huge difference.

Aladdin didn’t wish for a new kingdom to be created for him. He didn’t wish for power, riches, or status. He didn’t want the “prince experience” as the point was for him to become, not be, a prince. This might sound confusing but bear with us.

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By the time Aladdin met Genie, he was already in love with Princess Jasmine of Agrabah, but the law would never allow a lowly thief to marry into the royal family. Also, Aladdin has no way of getting to know the Princess as she’s heavily guarded. This is a tricky situation, especially since Genie can’t make people fall in love.

But Aladdin has a cunning and sharp mind, and he comes up with the perfect alternative that bypasses Genie’s wish restrictions. He doesn’t wish for Jasmine to fall in love with him, and he doesn’t wish to own a kingdom; instead, he wishes to become a prince — and conveniently, the local princess is the girl of his dreams.

Genie understood the assignment and took it very, very seriously.

Genie Ruthlessly Bent Reality to His Will for Aladdin

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As an almost all-powerful and extremely smart being, Genie was never going to fail; furthermore, he couldn’t. Aladdin’s wish was a binding magical contract that followed the rules, so Genie had no other option but to fulfill it. Thankfully, he took a liking to Aladdin, so he actually wanted to help his savior achieve his tricky end goal.

And boy did Genie go full Machiavelli mode to make Aladdin’s wish come true!

Everything that happened during the movie was part of Genie’s plan — Jafar's “schemes” included. Jafar was not even an antagonist as much as a pawn in Genie’s game, and he did exactly what Genie set him up to do. There was never any real danger since Aladdin’s new friend was entirely in control the entire time.

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Genie’s goal was to convince the Sultan to rewrite one of the most essential laws of his culture, and mind control was one of the few things Genie couldn’t do as part of wish fulfillment. So he did the next best thing: he created circumstances so dire and bizarre and indirectly messed with the Sultan’s head so much that he gave up.

Technically, it was the Sultan’s decision to change the law and marry Aladdin into the royal family. Technically, Jasmin fell in love with Aladdin on her own whim. Genie fulfilled Aladdin’s wish only when the latter married Jasmin: he made Aladdin a prince. All the events that led up to it were part of Genie’s complex magical scheme.

Then and only then was Genie free from the contract. Luckily, he decided to stay.

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