AI Nailed These GoT Characters On Met Gala But Forgot The Most Important One

AI Nailed These GoT Characters On Met Gala But Forgot The Most Important One
Image credit: Legion-Media

Perhaps the most iconic fashionista from all of the series was nowhere to be seen.

One of the many reasons why Game of Thrones was so popular with audiences was the amazing visuals.

From the beautiful castles and forests to the amazing CGI dragons, each episode was a feast for the eyes, even with excessive amounts of blood and gore.

This is also a credit to the people who work on the costumes, hair and makeup of the characters. Westeros wouldn't be the same without Cersei's beautiful hair and Margaery's dresses.

The same goes for male fashion: if you look closely at some of the fight scenes, you might be surprised at the amount of detail and thought that went into each set of armor.

This is a definite perk of being a noble in the past, access to the most beautiful and detailed fabrics and seamstresses.

It's almost certain that kings had enough celebrations for each house to show off their best fashions, but it wouldn't hurt to imagine another one dedicated solely to them.

Thanks to AI, anything is possible today, making it extremely easy to recreate the Met Gala: Westerosi Chic Edition.

Although it wasn't Drogon's best picture (maybe he's not a fan of a flashlight), Daenerys looked beautiful in a white beaded gown fit for a true Targaryen queen.

However, she's not the one wearing the actual crown: the hosts of the gala are clearly King Robert Baratheon and his wife Cersei.

While one wears giant antlers on her head instead of an accessory, the other has completed her all-gold look with a graceful tiara.

Between Jon Snow's impressive armor and Littlefinger's suit in a similar color scheme, the only man missing is Oberyn Martell, aka the Red Viper of Dorne.

Despite Pedro Pascal 's glorious appearance at a real-life Met Gala in 2023, this selection of Westerosi looks just doesn't feel complete without one character with the most impeccable taste of them all.

It's hard to say whether the Game of Thrones Met Gala would be more exciting than the one we have in real life, considering how bloody these events tend to be in this universe.

But one thing is for sure: there will be no plain black suits anywhere near King's Landing.