AI Imagined Justice League If It Was Directed By Legendary Akira Kurosawa

AI Imagined Justice League If It Was Directed By Legendary Akira Kurosawa
Image credit: Legion-Media/ Warner Bros.

Justice League would actually work in this new unlikely setting.

Whether you prefer Justice League (2017) or Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021), you can’t deny this movie can be better.

While acknowledging Snyder's contribution, there are so many talented directors out there who could've brought their own fresh take to the table with this superhero team.

But what about the directors of the past century? A YouTube channel Synthetic Screen posted an AI-generated video imagining Justice League as if the legendary director Akira Kurosawa had been given the chance to direct the movie.

Akira Kurosawa is widely considered to be one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. His most famous works include Rashomon, Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, and Ran. He was also the first Japanese director to be awarded an honorary Oscar.

Surprisingly, the entire video imagining Kurosawa’s Justice League is AI-generated. The images were generated with Midjourney AI, the text was written by ChatGPT and voiced by Eleven Labs AI.

The AI narrator tells us what the story would be: “In a world plagued by deep social unrest and corruption, a mysterious and charismatic figure named Takeishi Nakamura emerges as a symbol of hope for the disillusioned masses.”

“Nakamura forms a powerful movement known as the Way of Balance, advocating for justice, equality, and preserving traditional values. The Justice League is initially skeptical of Nakamura's methods and motives. They view him as a potential threat.”

While it is hard to imagine a superhero movie in a Japanese setting, AI did a great job reimagining Justice League’s suits. All of them look authentic and spot on.

A Justice League movie directed by Kurosawa could have been an entirely different experience. His signature style of long takes and slow pacing would have given the movie a much different feel than the usual fast-paced superhero fare.

The action sequences would have been breathtaking and the visuals would have been stunning. Kurosawa's eye for detail and his skill at creating atmosphere would have made this a truly unique superhero movie.

Akira Kurosawa’s influence on the cinema can still be felt today in different movies, including Tarantino’s. It’s great that with the help of AI we get to see what a Justice League movie directed by Kurosawa might have looked like.