AI Imagined Batman Characters As If They Were in Denis Villeneuve's Movie

AI Imagined Batman Characters As If They Were in Denis Villeneuve's Movie
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Denis Villeneuve's Cicario + Batman = the movie we never knew we needed.

Most of the Batman movies have one thing in common — a brilliant visionary directing them — from Tim Burton to Christopher Nolan. When you think of the most established modern directors, Denis Villeneuve’s name is likely to pop up. What if he directed a Batman movie?

That is exactly what a Reddit user named elimars presented to us, — a glimpse of a Batman movie, set in Juarez, Mexico and directed by Denis Villeneuve. All the pictures were created using Midjourney AI.

Midjourney is an online platform where users can generate AI-based art and designs. It allows people to create unique and imaginative pieces, just like the Batman characters reimagined in a Denis Villeneuve cartel movie.

Denis Villeneuve's 2015 film Sicario is probably the inspiration behind the idea to put Batman in this unlikely setting. The movie is set in the border area near Juarez, Mexico, a city notorious for its high levels of violence and corruption.

In Sicario, the setting is not just a backdrop but a character that shapes the narrative, influencing the actions and decisions of the protagonists.

The AI-created characters look absolutely stunning. And the setting is actually something that Batman would find pretty refreshing, to be honest.

Batman characters if they were in a Denis Villeneuve cartel movie set in Juarez, Mexico
by u/elimars in midjourney

The Reddit users had a lot to say about this imaginative crossover. Many were impressed with how well the characters fit into this new, darker world. The Joker and Penguin, in particular, were highly praised for their unique and fitting depictions.

Fans also loved the renditions of Killer Croc and Harley Quinn, stating that they looked like they were made for this universe. The general consensus was that this is a movie they'd pay to see, and some even wished they had the funds to produce such a film themselves.

In a Denis Villeneuve-directed Batman movie set in Juarez, Mexico, we would see a far cry from the neon-lit streets of Gotham. This would be a Batman universe steeped in the harsh realities of cartel violence, corruption, and the struggle for justice in a lawless land.

Whether you're into Batman, Denis Villeneuve, or simply fascinated by the creative potential of AI in art, this idea gives us an exciting peek at what might turn out to be an actually exciting cinematic experience.