AI Casts Gen-Z Friends, and We'd Totally Watch That Remake (in a Nightmare)

AI Casts Gen-Z Friends, and We'd Totally Watch That Remake (in a Nightmare)
Image credit: Legion-Media

In the age of remakes, Friends still stands strong in its original form. However, AIs just don't rest!

Someone has asked an AI to cast modern-day Friends, and fans are not having it. Maybe it's the suggested cast, maybe it's the whole idea of a Friends remake, or maybe it's both – either way, no remake for us, thanks.

First of all, Zendaya as Rachel Green is just a whole other vibe. Don't get us wrong, we love Zendaya, and she is a talented actress with range, but we just don't see it.

Honestly, she would be much more believable as Phoebe or even Susan (Carol's wife), but Rachel? That's just a no-no for us.

Monica Geller played by Emma Stone is slightly better. We know how Emma can bring a perfectionist character to life, but the age difference is concerning.

While Zendaya is 26 (but still looks young enough to play a teenager), Emma is 34. She is gorgeous and all, but there's no way that she and Zendaya could play characters who are the same age!

Awkwafina would bring an interesting edge to Phoebe Buffay, and this is the only casting decision that the AI has got right.

Even the age thing doesn't bother us here because Awkwafina looks pretty youthful indeed. Just imagine how legendary the Smelly Cat song would sound!

Cole Sprouse is a good actor, but he could never pull off Joey Tribbiani's iconic "How you doin'?" with the same feeling to it (no, sir!).

Although, that episode where Joey tries to enroll in a twin study would certainly be a hilarious opportunity for his brother Dylan to make a cameo appearance.

Noah Centineo would actually be perfect for Joey, but he isn't really suited to play Chandler Bing. That is, if the writers don't decide to make Chandler the ladies' man, which we doubt.

Also, Chandler is supposed to be a couple of years older than Monica, and Noah is actually much younger than Emma (and looks like it).

We don't know what the AI has been drinking to give the role of Ross Geller to Daniel Radcliffe (who, by the way, looks nothing like Emma Stone), but here we are.

Dan's American accent is pretty decent, we'll give him that.

However, he and Zendaya would be Peter Parker and MJ all over again (at least their height difference would be).

Sorry, but this remake is just not going to happen. As Phoebe would say, "My eyes, my eyes, my eyes!" (and we agree).