Ahead of Its Sequel’s Release, a 2022 High-Rated Horror Is Back to Theaters

Ahead of Its Sequel’s Release, a 2022 High-Rated Horror Is Back to Theaters
Image credit: A24

This summer will mark the triumphant comeback of a beloved horror story.

This year seems to be yet another big moment for A24 whose overall success didn’t stop after Civil War ’s theatrical run came to its end. The company is getting prepared for releasing a highly anticipated horror movie MaXXXine which comes as a sequel to the 2022 film titled X, starring Mia Goth and Jenna Ortega.

Now that MaXXXine is less than a month away from finally hitting the cinema screens, A24 got another surprising news for the movie series’ fans.

A couple of days ago, the studio announced that X would be coming back to theaters across the US, but for one night only. Accompanied by a short sequence from the movie, the official account’s post reads “Back to where it all began ❌ Ti West's deadly slasher X returns to theaters with a special sneak peek of MAXXXINE for a one-night-only nationwide fan event on June 18” also featuring a link leading to a website with all tickets available.

What Is X About?

Featuring Mia Goth in two completely different roles within the same storyline, X takes its viewers back to 1979 and follows a group of young filmmakers determined to make an adult movie on an elderly couple’s rural Texas farm, but when the property owners catch them red-handed, the cast and crew have to fight for their lives before the relentless couple disposes of them all.

Upon its release back in 2022, X got commercial and critical success, grossing $15 million with the initial budget of only $1 million and landing impressive scores of 94% and 75% from critics and viewers respectively on Rotten Tomatoes.

X’s sequel MaXXXine, which is set to revolve around Mia Goth’s Maxine and her acting career path in 1985 Los Angeles, will arrive to theaters worldwide on July 5.

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