A Subtle Cersei Callback on House of the Dragon You Might Have Missed

A Subtle Cersei Callback on House of the Dragon You Might Have Missed
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As with any queen, the clothes that Allicent wears are never just thrown together. They are carefully chosen to make a statement. We saw this in episode 5 of House of the Dragon when she arrived at the wedding of Rhaenyra and Laenor decked out in green – the colour of war for the Hightowers.

Later, in episode 8, Allicent meets her one-time friend Rhaenyra, once again wearing green. Apt, when you consider that the Dance of the Dragons is looming large.

But did you spot the nod to another famous queen from Game of Thrones?

During the scene, Allicent's green dress is accessorized with epaulettes on her shoulders and a chain across her chest. Now, doesn't that give off Cersei Lannister vibes? You know, that time she destroyed the Great Sept of Baelor.

And it's not just similar outfits the two have in common. Of course, both are queens too, but they are also mothers of three (two boys and a girl each). And there is nothing they wouldn't do to protect their offspring.

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Despite this forthrightness, they both share a desire to uphold their respective family names. This is something they value above almost everything else and, as such, they are strong, independent women who bow (and on occasion acquiesce) to the word of their fathers. Both men, incidentally, are Hands of the King.

Now, when it comes to how they live their lives, we start to see a major difference between the two. Allicent is deeply religious and in a constant battle with Rhyaenyra who she looks down upon, and who she resents because Rhaenyra represents the barrier to her sons having their rightful place in line to the throne.

Cersei, on the other hand, has her own bastard children and is focused on making sure they remain on the throne regardless of their parentage.

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So, while their lives may differ massively, there are certainly some parallels to be drawn between the characteristics of the two queens.

And it's hard to believe this was a coincidence. Rather, it appears that the writers wanted to imply a link between the two with this subtle callback. Not enough to make it abundantly clear that the two are somewhat similar, but sufficient that we will, perhaps subconsciously, register that link and read something into the character of Allicent based on our knowledge of Game of Thrones.