A New Knives Out Movie Is Closer Than You Think

A New Knives Out Movie Is Closer Than You Think
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At least Daniel Craig is confirmed to be back.


  • T-Street Productions and Rian Johnson seem to finally set the beginning of Knives Out 3 production.
  • So far there’s only one actor who is confirmed to be coming back — Daniel Craig who portrayed the protagonist and detective Benoit Blanc.
  • There’s no official confirmation about the release date, but fans are not expecting to see the film until late 2025.

While T-Street Productions company partners Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman are getting a few more future deals with Warner Bros, they also seem to not forget about Knives Out next part. According to Deadline, the duo is set to start the production of the third film already this year, but no one has any idea about the exact date.

So far the only actor who is definitely returning to play his role is Daniel Craig himself — he will once again bring to the screens Benoit Blanc, the protagonist and detective who’s set to finally unveil dark secrets behind mysterious crimes.

Yet it’s not really surprising given that Craig has been the only recurring star in both films as each one of them show completely different stories with different characters. Nonetheless Daniel Craig managed to play alongside other big names in the industry like Chris Evans, Ana De Armas, Jamee Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Edward Norton, Dave Bautista, Kate Hudson and many others.

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The bad news for the fans will probably become the fact that the third film is going to be the last one in Rian Johnson’s series, at least when it comes to the deal that the director signed with Netflix.

According to it, the platform will produce two sequels of the first movie that became a box office hit back in 2019. Quite a big success for the project as it’s around $450 million that Netflix is ready to invest in the fan-favorite criminal story.

No more details about the third film have been revealed, including an approximate release date, but, given that there’s a 3-year gap between the first and the second movies, fans are suggesting we shouldn’t expect the new part to be shown at least until 2025.

Johnson once said he’d rather finish the trilogy sooner than later, so it’s better to stay tuned for Netflix upcoming announcements.

Source: Deadline