9 Wildest Twilight Fan Theories That Might Be Actually On to Something

9 Wildest Twilight Fan Theories That Might Be Actually On to Something
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Twilight movies left some aspects of the story open to interpretation, which can inspire fans to come up with their own theories about what might have happened or what could happen in the future – and boy did it do just that.

1. Bella Swan is not human

From the very beginning of the saga, we are made to understand that Bella Swan is not like everyone else. And it is not just the fact that the most ordinary, unassuming girl falls hard for a powerful, handsome vampire.

Even as a human Bella had some supernatural abilities, for example, she had complete immunity to the mental powers of vampires.

One fan theory suggests that Bella's ancestors were vampires, so that is why she has some kind of superpower and can easily survive her transformation and join the vampire world. The other theory says that the main character is descended from werewolves because werewolves are also immune to vampire abilities.

Finally, supporters of the third theory are convinced that Bella is a succubus. Because how else can you explain Edward's unusual attraction to her, when she does not look anything special?

2. The vampires created by Stephenie Meyer are not vampires at all, but faeries

In fact, the image of vampires that we see in Twilight is too far from the canonical one. The sun does not burn them but only makes their skin glitter. They are not afraid of any religious symbols. In addition to great strength, each of the vampires is endowed with unique superpowers. And also they are perfectly capable of refusing to drink human blood.

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Fans have noted that the Cullens more closely resemble the characters of Celtic faerie mythology — incredibly attractive, mythical creatures who live in the woods and possess supernatural powers. According to some legends, faeries also feed on human blood.

3. The weaker you are at the moment of turning into a vampire, the better you can control yourself afterward

When Bella becomes a vampire, she surprisingly easily accepts the realities of her new world and exercises control like a seasoned vampire. Proponents of the theory attribute this to the fact that Bella was virtually unconscious at the time of her transformation.

It is also the reason why all members of the Cullen family were able to overcome their nature and reject human blood. As we recall, Carlisle only turned people who were on the verge of death.

4. Jacob Black and Sirius Black are related

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A crazy fan theory that connects the Twilight and Harry Potter universes. According to it, Jacob and Sirius are related, and it is not just because of the same last name. The reason is that Jacob turns into a wolf at his own will, not just during the full moon, and he even keeps control of himself after that. That makes Jacob not a werewolf, but an Animagus. And as we know, Sirius Black is also an Animagus.

5. Vampires are actually a cult

One theory, based on a metaphorical reading of the saga, claims that vampires are some kind of secret cult or a sect. The Cullen family, just like a cult, is made up of people who are not related by blood but who think of each other as family.

According to this theory, Jacob tries his best to help Bella escape the clutches of the cult, while she, in turn, resists in every possible way, falling in love with Edward and believing every word he says.

Fans were drawn to this theory by the fact that in the books, Bella is the narrator, which means that we only see her subjective perception of reality and not an objective picture of what is really going on.

6. Edward was not the one who turned Bella into a vampire

Do you remember how long Edward resisted the idea of turning Bella into a vampire, delaying it until the very last moment? This theory comes from the fact that a crunching sound is heard the moment Bella's newborn daughter is taken away from her. Therefore, it was Renesmee who turned Bella, not Edward.

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7. There is a telepathic link between Bella and Edward

In New Moon Edward is leaving town in an effort to keep Bella out of danger. After that, in the moments of true danger she started hearing his voice in her head.

Stephenie Meyer explained that it was true love between the characters. But fans assumed that there really was a telepathic connection between Bella and Edward and that she heard his real voice.

However, this connection was one-way, because as we remember, Bella is the only one whose mind Edward could not read.

8. After Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, there was a special bond between werewolves and vampires

This theory is supported by the finale of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, where we see a big battle between the Cullens and werewolves on one side and the Volturi Coven on the other. However, the entire battle turns out to be a vision of Alice, who makes it clear that the Volturi will lose, despite numerous casualties on both sides.

Fans have wondered how this scene is even possible, since Alice cannot see the future of the werewolves who were fighting side by side with the vampires at the time.

We have to assume that the bond that was formed between Jacob and Renesmee stopped the long-standing feud between the two species and allowed Alice to see their future together.

9. Everything that happened is just Bella's imagination running wild

Finally, the craziest of the none-of-this-really-happened fan theories suggests that all of the events of the saga are not real and take place entirely in Bella's imagination, which is her way of escaping the dull routine of an unhappy life.