7 Most Anticipated TV Shows To Be Released On Hulu In January 

7 Most Anticipated TV Shows To Be Released On Hulu In January 
Image credit: Hulu, Fox

It seems like the platform is preparing something extra for the audience.

The new shows are released almost every month, and each new series should be at least in some aspects better than all the existing ones in order to drag the blanket on them and gently force the viewers to tune in a new show instead of the favorite old gem.

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming platforms today, bringing us the iconic dystopian series The Handmaid's Tale and the crime drama Only Murders In the Building. So what other new series are coming this year? Here are seven of the most awaited shows you can watch on Hulu in January 2024.

1. Ishura — January 3

The year on Hulu begins with the release of a new thrilling anime series. The story centers on several super warriors who once teamed up to defeat the common villain, the Demon King. However, after some time, they all realized that they don't want to have a team hero title, but need to decide who is the true hero. So the battles begin! But it will not be easy to determine the winner, as they are all exceptional fighters with unique sets of skills.

2. We Are Family — January 4

If you think you have seen every kind of music-themed reality show, then this one, hosted by Anthony Anderson, will definitely be worth your time. The show will have 100 competitors who will have to guess the performer on stage. The thing is, it's going to be some famous star's relative, alone or in a duet with the stars themselves, hidden somewhere behind the stage.

3. The Incredible Pol Farm — January 7

The most popular and definitely the most loved veterinarian on television, Dr. Pol, is ready for a new adventure with his family. He has been helping animals survive since 2011, and now it is time to build them a home! On 350 acres of land, they will build a friendly family farm. In each episode, they will face different obstacles to overcome in order to bring their crazy idea to life.

4. Grimsburg — January 8

Attention, fans of adult animated series, the new one is coming soon! Grimsburg is a fictional town where the best detective in the world lives. The series follows Marvin Flute, a cop who can solve any case that comes his way. But while he's unstoppable when it comes to criminals and other bad guys, there's one mystery he can't solve: his own family.

The divorced detective never stopped loving his wife, and now his main mission is to understand what he did wrong and try to make it right.

5. Death and Other Details — January 16

This new series will be the best thing to watch for those who just love murder mystery stories like the ones at the center of the two Knives Out movies. The new Hulu show focuses on a murder that took place in a locked room on a cruise.

To solve the mystery, genius investigator Rufus Cotesworth partners with a young woman who seems to be the prime suspect herself. But they must work together to find out who among all the wealthy, cynical people with skeletons in their closets is responsible for the murder.

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6. A Shop for Killers — January 17

Hulu will release this action K-drama in mid-January, just when everyone is ready for an intense story. The show focuses on a young girl, Jeong Hi An, whose life is full of tragedy. She lost both her parents and was raised by her uncle, who was the manager of a shopping mall.

They had a great life together until she moved out when she entered a university. But then one day she receives a message that her uncle has passed away. And that's when she suddenly finds out about his true identity, which is grippingly scary. Fans can’t wait any longer to watch the series.

“I thought it’d be a dark comedy thing but it just looks simply dark and very, very thrilling. I'm sold! The actor was great in Strangers From Hell, and I was obsessed with the actress’s role in The Kingdom — she was breathtaking as the queen,” Redditor Imnsatang said.

7. Chrissy and Dave Dine Out — January 24

What could be better than a show about food? Right, an unscripted show about food, and that's what Hulu is offering you with this one. In the new TV series, Chrissy Teigen and restaurateur David Chang will team up to go on a real food adventure in Los Angeles.

Most of the restaurants they will visit are not Michelin-starred, but are still considered must-try, even if they are located somewhere off the beaten track. Our hosts will also be joined by their famous friends in each episode.