7 Most Anticipated TV Shows Arriving in September

7 Most Anticipated TV Shows Arriving in September
Image credit: Netflix, AMC

Say goodbye to summer and hello to binge-worthy shows you'll fall for.

Fall is here, and you know what that means — sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and a fresh lineup of must-watch TV shows.

September’s promises to deliver a bunch of bingeable series, and here are the most anticipated of them.

Virgin River Season 5 (Netflix ) — September 7

In the next season of Virgin River, Mel and Jack, the town’s favorite couple, are expecting a baby. But things are not as rosy as they seem. Mel has a risky pregnancy, and she's facing some tough choices about her career. Plus, a massive wildfire is threatening the whole community.

The Changeling (Apple+) — September 8

The Changeling is adapted from Victor LaValle's 2017 fantasy horror novel. Apollo, a guy who sells used books, goes on a quest to find his missing wife, Emmy, who vanishes after their baby is born. This eight-episode series promises to be a mix of fairytale, horror, and real-world struggles like parenthood.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (AMC) — September 10

In this Walking Dead spin-off, Daryl is off to Paris. Initially, Daryl was supposed to be hanging out with his BFF Carol, but the actress bailed because of the traveling inconveniences. If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, this overseas adventure is not to be missed.

The Other Black Girl (Hulu ) — September 13

Based on Zakiya Dalila Harris' 2021 hit novel, this series follows Nella, the only Black employee at her workplace. She's over the moon when another Black woman, Hazel, joins the company. They hit it off and become fast friends, sharing their experiences. But let's just say things get complicated, making it a must-watch if you’re into mysteries.

Wilderness (Prime Video ) — September 15

Wilderness is a crazy love story turned nightmare. Liv finds out her husband Will is cheating and they decide to heal their marriage by going on a road trip to the National Parks. But let’s just say the wilderness isn’t just beautiful landscapes; it's also a perfect setting for some creepy revenge plots.

Sex Education Season 4 (Netflix) — September 21

The show is back for its final season. We're going to a new school where Otis and Eric are adjusting to a different environment. The new school is student-led, which means Otis faces competition as a sex therapist.

Gen V ( Prime Video) — September 29

Fans of The Boys, this one is for you. Gen V is a spin-off that’s sure to get your attention. With angsty college kids, possessing wild superpowers, this series could be the next big thing.