7 Controversial Yellowstone Storylines That Divided Fans

7 Controversial Yellowstone Storylines That Divided Fans
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The show, like the ranch, could have been salvaged.

Yellowstone is currently enjoying a revival, as the first and second seasons have been rebroadcast on primetime television (CBS) in anticipation of the upcoming second part of the fifth and final season this winter.

Yellowstone had its moments before it went off the rails. Needless to say, the new-age Western drama is a far cry from its early days. The reason? Some fans might blame it on the following 7 controversial Yellowstone storylines that divided fans and critics:

#7 Kayce & Monica Drama

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Look, you either are Team Kayce and Monica Dutton or you really cannot stand the couple. Kayce has always been the outsider in a family full of them. He doesn’t mind going against the desires of the Dutton empire or taking great lengths to defend his family.

The same qualities are true of Monica, yet the two generally manage to annoy the viewer more than they satisfy. It could be the writing, or simply that Yellowstone relied far too much on the drama of Monica and Kayce.

It’s been one outrageous struggle after another for the young couple.

#6 John Dutton as Montana Governor

There were a lot of fans that felt Yellowstone lost its appeal by the end of season four. There are many reasons why things went south, especially the plotline that took over and made John Dutton the Governor of Montana.

John just never looked right in the role, and it felt like Sheridan wasted his final season with Kevin Costner having him trapped in bureaucratic nonsense.

#5 Greedy Land Developers

Yellowstone is all about the family against the world. The Dutton clan takes this vow very seriously and frequently has to defend itself against outside interests. We get that it’s a major focal point of the show.

Still, the writers didn’t have to come up with one ludicrous situation after another. The divide over land also split fans who got bored or tired of this side show.

#4 Pointless Characters & Music Cameos

Does anyone really know the purpose of Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo)? How about other forgettable Yellowstone characters like Christina (the mother of Jamie’s only child) and Dan Jenkins.

Additionally, the show has never expanded on the death of Lee Dutton, who seemingly disappears from memory after being in the first episode of the show. And, don’t even get us started on all the cameos from country musicians that have appeared over the past couple of seasons.

#3 Nonstop Sibling Rivalries

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Despite all the other absurd storylines in Yellowstone, the nonstop sibling rivalries will always rank first. The Duttons are spiteful creatures that love getting their revenge.

It does make for a good soap-opera, but we're not sure it helps the show's popularity. In fact, it might have done the opposite as fans continue to be split over these family feuds.

#2 Jamie & Beth Dutton Feud

Beth Dutton has reason to hold a grudge against her stepbrother, Jamie. Be that as it may, there is no one more annoying and divisive on Yellowstone than Beth Dutton. She not only hooks horns with her siblings, but any man with the courage to step up to her mouth.

It’s easy to see the appeal of Beth Dutton as a strong-minded, independent woman. Unfortunately, Taylor Sheridan has made this plotline tiresome with its redundancy on the show.

#1 Beth Dutton Nonsense

Yellowstone fans either love or hate Beth Dutton. She has that type of reputation that either makes her badass Beth or the reason viewers got turned off with Yellowstone.

She plans to be a major focus of the remaining episodes of the show. The drama between her and Jamie has reached new heights but will audiences even care by then?