5 Thrilling Shows That Give Off Peaky Blinders Vibes

5 Thrilling Shows That Give Off Peaky Blinders Vibes
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When in need of some darkness in your life.

It’s only natural that to have a balanced life we need both sunshine and rainbows periods, and some darkness, too. However, it’s best when this darkness is not a part of your own life, but is from a book or on a TV screen.

For that matter, there are many legendary series that offer you a deeper look into someone’s gripping life, leaving space for your own thoughts to flood your mind.

One of the shows that audiences just adore, despite the fact that it is dark and totally disturbing, is Peaky Blinders. Viewers immediately fell in love with the main character. Thomas Shelby, brilliantly portrayed by Cillian Murphy.

There's just something magnetic about these dark and mysterious men that makes you want to follow them no matter what.

But apparently there are more series that have the same vibe as the iconic show about the Birmingham Mafia family, and here are 5 of the best examples.

1. Animal Kingdom (2016-2022)

The series centers on a family of criminals living in Southern California. At the heart of it all is a 17-year-old boy named Joshua "J" Cody, who moves in with his relatives after his mother overdoses on drugs. It's here that he realizes he's become part of a huge criminal clan, headed by a powerful female figure.

Each member of the family has a code name and runs a specific division of the "business." The troubled members of the family and their daily routine will keep you on the edge of your seat as you never know what they are going to do next.

2. The Last Kingdom (2015-2022)

The events in this series take place much further in the past if you compare it to Peaky Blinders, but it all revolves around another brilliant but flawed male protagonist. At the heart of the story is a man named Uhtred.

He lives in a difficult time in the year 872, and he has to choose who to defend – the Saxons or the Danes. Born as a Saxon, he was raised by the Vikings, so now he has a tough moral dilemma that has now become life threatening.

3. Boardwalk Empire ( 2010-2014)

Boardwalk Empire is set in the 1920s during the Prohibition era and revolves around a man named Enoch "Nucky" Thompson, the treasurer of Atlantic County in Atlantic City. His life consists of never ending scandals and he is closely involved with politicians and criminals.

That's why the government has become interested in him and his lavish lifestyle has made him the center of attention in the lawless city.

Despite the fact that he holds a prestigious position, he leads a very questionable life, which will probably cost him a lot in the end. Despite the gripping atmosphere, the fans of the show find it binge-watchable.

“I'm rewatching it for the second time at the moment. I remember it being very good with an excellent cast. The storyline and setting are also compelling. I would say it is definitely worth watching as it is very good quality TV,” Redditor tyrellc0rp said.

4. Narcos (2015-2017)

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One of the most popular series starring Pedro Pascal, Narcos is the first series in the franchise of the same name. The show revolves around the criminal life of the Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar. Along with him, there are several other drug lords who make the show even more disturbing.

What makes the show even darker is the fact that it tells a true life story of the rise and expansion of cocaine drug cartels around the world and the efforts of law enforcement to confront them in a brutal, often bloody conflict.

There's also another series, Narcos Mexico, and fans of the franchise claim that both series are worthy.

“Narcos and Narcos Mexico are both worth watching if you enjoy crime dramas. Narcos was superior in my opinion but Narcos Mexico was really enjoyable too. The biographical aspect also makes the show more entertaining,” Redditor Global_Air_2734 said.

5. Warrior (2019-2023)

The events of Warrior take place in the 1800's, right around the time of the Tong Wars. The series centers on a Chinese martial arts master named Ah Sahm. The story follows him as he immigrates to San Francisco and becomes a hitman for the most powerful Tong in Chinatown.

The series is based on an actual book by Bruce Lee and was produced by Cinemax. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after 3 seasons, but recently Netflix picked it up, so there might be a chance that we will get a Season 4 soon enough.