5 Reasons Why Elena Should've Stayed With Stefan In The Vampire Diaries

5 Reasons Why Elena Should've Stayed With Stefan In The Vampire Diaries
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Sorry, Delena fans, but Stefan is the better choice.

The biggest controversy among fans of The Vampire Diaries is whether Elena should have chosen Damon or Stefan. This is especially difficult because she loved both Salvatore brothers and both lines were beautiful in their own way.

However, many feel that Stefan was the better choice for Elena.

Stefan respected Elena's choice

From the beginning, Stefan had great respect for Elena and her choices. He always let her decide what was best for her.

Damon, on the other hand, especially in the early seasons, tried to take that choice away from her.

Elena and Stefan communicated more easily

Stefan and Elena's greatest strength in their relationship has been their friendship. They were always honest and trusted each other.

And even after Stefan and Elena broke up and she started dating his brother, that didn't change. They were able to maintain a good relationship and communicate as friends.

Stefan really thought about what Elena wanted

Stefan always took Elena's wishes into account, even if it meant hurting his own feelings, and that made him truly selfless.

When Elena and Matt crashed on Wickery Bridge, she insisted that Stefan save her friend first. And he did, even though he knew he might never see her again.

Elena allowed Stefan to forgive himself

Stefan has always felt guilty for being the Ripper. Throughout the series, the younger Salvatore has struggled with his darker self.

And every time he thought he was beyond redemption, Elena stood by his side and made it clear that she supported him. She always believed in the best in Stefan and made him believe in it, too.

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They were meant to be together

Elena and Stefan were connected by fate as doppelgangers. After all, a certain number of episodes tried to convince the fans that Delena was doomed by fate.

And while Elena didn't believe in fate, it was hard to ignore the fact that her and Stefan's doppelgangers always found their way back to each other, no matter the time or place.