5 Reasons Nolan’s The Dark Knight is the Best Batman Movie

5 Reasons Nolan’s The Dark Knight is the Best Batman Movie
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The Dark Knight is comic based epic perfection and there’re several reasons for that.

2008 saw the premiere of the sequel to the saga of Gotham's defender. The Dark Knight turned the Batman story into a profound exploration of both social anxieties and superhero ethics.

After 15 years, Nolan's movie is still one of the best in the comic book adaptations world, and there’re several reasons for that.

1. Heath Ledger's Joker is the best version of the iconic villain to date

The Joker has been portrayed by many famous actors, but none of them come close to the greatness of Heath Ledger’s version.

Ledger's Joker is one of the greatest villains in movie history. He’s truly sinister and psychopathic, scaring even his co-stars on set, and stealing attention in every one of his scenes.

2. The Dark Knight has reinvented the comic book genre

Comic book movies have never been the same since The Dark Knight. It was the movie that made the movie industry realize that comic book based movies could be true works of art, realistic and serious, ripe for analysis.

3. Batman is as human and sincere as never before

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Many noted that Christopher Nolan was able to breathe sincerity into the superhero.

Unlike other superhero movies, we see the manifestations of Batman's feelings: his anger at failure, burning desire to be with his beloved and a huge obsession to help his hometown.

4. The movie had an impact on the Oscars

In addition to record box office and excellent reviews, Christopher Nolan's movie influenced the Oscar process. Previously, only five films could be nominated for Best Picture, but fans were extremely unhappy with this state of affairs.

It turned out that The Dark Knight was not nominated for the award only because of the small number of possible nominees. Later, a rule was issued: representatives of the Film Academy can nominate up to 10 movies for the award in the Best Picture category.

5. Harvey Dent is the heart and soul of the movie

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Another amazing character that the audience still remembers very well is Harvey Dent. Aaron Eckhart, who played the Gotham City District Attorney, Dent, did a great job.

According to the plot, he is an excellent embodiment of honesty and kindness. So much so that at the beginning of the movie, Batman even saw Dent as his replacement. Harvey has been called the White Knight of the city, further emphasizing his desire to defend his home.