5 Period Dramas Like The Artful Dodger On Hulu And Max

5 Period Dramas Like The Artful Dodger On Hulu And Max
Image credit: Hulu, Max

Are you up for a little adventure?

While there are many period dramas that focus on love and romance, there aren't many that show the more adventurous and fun side of history. There were all kinds of people, good and bad, who got into all kinds of trouble and had a lot of fun doing it. The Artful Dodger, one of Hulu 's recent premieres, managed to capture that perfectly.

Although The Artful Dodger only had 8 episodes and the second season is not yet confirmed, other shows could satisfy the same cravings in viewers.

Here are 5 fun, funny, and adventurous period dramas to stream on Max or Hulu today:

The Great (Hulu)

Don't let the title and premise of this show fool you. While it does focus on the lives of royalty, it's not as slow-paced and elegant as you might imagine. The Great has broken all the stereotypes about portraying historical figures and given its viewers the most hilarious, sarcastic, and insane version of events that took place in Russia in the 1700s.

Our Flag Means Death ( Max)

As a counterpart to the previous one, this series explores the outcasts, the criminals, and the very free spirits in search of treasure: the pirates. What can go wrong when a gentleman decides to become a pirate of his own free will? Well, just about anything you can think of happens in the show, so buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime.

Harlots (Hulu)

You may have seen brothels while watching other period dramas, but none have dug as deep as Harlots. The already hard lives of young women forced to sell their bodies to make ends meet become even more dangerous when someone tries to ruin the whole business and make them suffer.

The Knick (Max)

If you're not squeamish and didn't find the gory medical procedures of The Artful Dodger disturbing, The Knick might be the show for you. It tells the stories of the craziest experimental surgeries imaginable, performed either under the weight of social pressure or in total secrecy.

Gentleman Jack (Max)

In 2023, there's still a lot of prejudice against people who don't conform to gender norms, but for a woman in the 1800s, that might as well be an instant death sentence. Gentleman Jack, based on the true story of landowner and intellectual Anne Lister, shows the importance of being true to yourself, even if it makes you eccentric.