5 Nonsense Sitcom Cliches That We're Tired Of

5 Nonsense Sitcom Cliches That We're Tired Of
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Is there any other way to move the plot?

There is nothing quite like coming home from work and turning on your favorite sitcom. However, not all sitcoms are created equal, and even if you're watching something as iconic as The Office or Modern Family, chances are you'll come across an episode with an overused cliché that will make you cringe.

Here are 5 examples of clichés that no longer make viewers laugh, only roll their eyes in disappointment.

1. Ruined Wedding Day

There's nothing more important in a couple's life than their wedding day. Many people put their life savings into it and care deeply if something goes wrong. That is why it is so disappointing to see every wedding in every sitcom ever made ruined by something or someone screwing up, especially considering how long it usually takes for couples to even get to that point.


2. Useless Baby

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The best example of this stereotype is Emma from Friends. The exact same sentiment from Rachel would have been received just as well if her pregnancy test turned out to be a false positive instead of ending with the birth of an actual child. Unfortunately, Emma ended up being mostly useless to the plot, and that is the fate of most sitcom newborns.

3. Boring Mom and Fun Dad

The stereotype, which was born out of misogyny back in the day, seriously needs to go. In the 2020s, we have all moved on from the idea of constantly nagging mothers and wives and their fun but careless husbands. It takes two to create and support a family, so sitcoms need to start adapting to this new reality.

4. A Distracting Hookup

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Usually, people tend to enjoy the tension between the two romantic leads, but the drama can only go so far without feeling dragged out. Unfortunately, when writers run out of ideas about what or who can keep the characters away from each other, one of the secondary characters steps up. And that is just annoying.

5. Dumb Character Getting Dumber

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People tend to remember not only Phoebe Buffay from Friends, but also Eric from Boy Meets World or Francis from Malcolm in the Middle. In real life, even the most untalented people tend to gain at least some experience and learn something new. In sitcoms, however, it sometimes feels like time is running backward.