5 Must-Watch Shows On Hulu Right Now 

5 Must-Watch Shows On Hulu Right Now 
Image credit: FX, NBC

Don't rush into canceling your subscription.

Hulu is a streaming platform that has introduced the world to many worthy TV shows. And if you're only familiar with The Handmaid's Tale or The Only Murders In The Building, we're here to help you discover what else is in the platform's library.

So if you have a Hulu subscription, check out these five shows before you say goodbye. Or maybe we can inspire you to get one, who knows?

1. Severance

The thrilling series with Adam Scott brilliantly playing the main character of the show, Mark. The sci-fi series focuses on the world that has a special surgical procedure that leads people to separate their work life from their personal life. It means that when they are at work, they know nothing about their real life and vice versa.

The series tells us the story of Mark who was managing his two different lives just fine until the mysterious things started happening to him.

2. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The show is about the worst people you could ever meet in your life. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has run for 16 seasons and is still running.

The show really has main characters who are absolutely arrogant, self-centered, careless people. And frankly, they are okay with it. The absurd comedy is a must watch if you are tired of the seriousness of the real world.

3. The Good Place

The Good Place tells the story of a girl named Eleanor who never cared about other people in her life. She led a questionable lifestyle and never thought about what her afterlife would be like.

But after dying in a ridiculous car accident, she ended up in heaven, also known as The Good Place. Or so she thought. The series focuses on her and her friends (+1 demon) trying to understand how to actually become good people.

4. Fargo

The first season of this violent crime comedy was released in 2014, and the latest, fourth season is out this year. Fargo is a town in North Dakota that always ends up being the link to many terrible stories involving deception, intrigue, and murder in and around frozen Minnesota.

5. The Bear

The darkest dramedy to come out recently is this one. Fans of the show were blown away by season 1 and thought there was no way the next one could top it. Boy, were they wrong.

The Bear tells the story of a young boy named Carmy who returns to his hometown to run the family sandwich joint. It's important to note that he's actually a high-level chef, so it's fun to see him change his life so radically.