5 Most Successful TV Game Shows Ever, Ranked

5 Most Successful TV Game Shows Ever, Ranked
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For decades, various game shows have been increasingly popular among TV viewers — but despite hundreds of them being out there, none are as successful as these five.

5. The Chase

The Chase is a UK-originated quiz game that became popular in the US and Australia, as well. Essentially, it features four hand-picked contestants who have to compete against a professional quizzer (the chaser) to answer as many questions as possible. Answering each new question adds money to the total prize pool and raises the stakes.

4. Jeopardy!

Coming from the US, Jeopardy! sees three contestants compete with each other to correctly put together one final phrase. The thing is, to get the phrase correctly, the players must go through three rounds, each of which gives them clues and hints at the final prompt. The first contestant to get the final phrase correctly wins the game and the cash.

3. Deal or No Deal

Founded in the Netherlands, Deal or No Deal has a pretty unique concept to the game. Players are supposed to reveal the lowest available values of the numbered boxes they pick while the Banker offers them cash for their boxes, encouraging them to give up their boxes. The game ends if the players get to the final box or accept the Banker’s offer.

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2. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Coming from the UK, this immensely popular show has its variations in most countries. The concept is simple: a solo player takes a 15-question quiz, and each answer brings them closer to the magical one-million prize. The player can opt out at any point and claim the money they already have or keep going and risk losing it all.

1. Wheel of Fortune

Arguably the most popular game show of them all, Wheel Fortune was created in the USA and saw worldwide success. This game is virtually an iteration of the good old hangman, but instead of drawing a grim picture when guessing the wrong letters, players get instant cash or other generous gifts when guessing the correct ones. Many shows followed this principle later on.

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