5 Most Iconic TV Weddings (And 5 So Cringy We Wish They Never Happened)

5 Most Iconic TV Weddings (And 5 So Cringy We Wish They Never Happened)
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We do (not want to see any more cliches).

Planning a wedding in real life is stressful enough for the couples, but imagine doing it with cameras capturing every move? Since everything has to be perfectly choreographed, writers often try to find at least some ways to make things easier for themselves.

Unfortunately, these things don't always work out in the end. More often than not, viewers are left not only happy to see their favorites finally tie the knot, but with a little regret that things didn't go as well as they could have.

Here are five examples of TV couples who had a pretty perfect wedding, and five who were done very dirty by the production teams behind their shows.

Icons: Margaery and Joffrey (Game of Thrones )

Was the wedding successful? Well, that depends on what you expected it to be. Many people consider it one of the most iconic episodes of the entire series, and while the happy newlyweds didn't last long, this wedding reception was exactly what viewers wanted to see from the beginning of the show.

Cringe: Cristina and Burke (Grey's Anatomy)

You have to be absolutely sure before you agree to marry someone, so if there's any doubt, it's much better to postpone or even cancel the event. Even though it was clear that this wedding was a way to completely write Preston Burke out of the show, it still did more harm than good to Cristina's character. Total failure.

Iconic: Leo and Piper (Charmed )

What could be more fitting for a show about three witch sisters than a wedding full of mystical creatures? The writers of Charmed knew exactly what the audience wanted to see, and they delivered, making the episode truly balanced with action, humor, and a heartfelt ceremony in the very finale.

It may not have been the perfect wedding Piper dreamed of, but it was iconic nonetheless.

Cringe: Sandra and Jerry (Superstore)

Repeat after us: Sandra deserved better! Luckily, she and Jerry still tied the knot at the end of one episode, but it was filled with so much misery that you end up feeling sorry for the poor bride. It's not uncommon for sitcoms to straddle the line between fun and cruelty, but Superstore clearly failed to find the balance in this case.

Iconic: Jim and Pam (The Office )

If you want an example of a sitcom getting the wedding right, it has to be Jim and Pam's wedding on The Office.

One of the points that critics noted when the episode was released was the lack of the show's usual high-class humor, but in reality, that turned out to be more of a perk than a flaw. The episode would be entertaining on its premise alone, so the main priority was to make it heartfelt and emotional.

Cringe: Will and Emma (Glee )

Remember when a teacher's wedding went horribly wrong in front of his students and alumni? First of all, Will Schuester desperately needed to find some friends who matched his age and interests. Second, he probably should have paid more attention to his bride, and maybe she wouldn't have run away.

Iconic: Carol and Susan (Friends)

Has there been another TV wedding that forced the network to hire more than 100 people to sit on the phone and field complaints? Carol and Susan were the first, and probably the last, since there were only a few calls. Not even Ross' constant whining could stop this ceremony from happening, and that's what makes it so iconic.

Cringe: Blaine and Kurt, Brittany and Santana (Glee)

Not only did Glee fail twice in the wedding department, but it also managed to ruin the weddings of two major fan-favorite couples by making them one giant double wedding. If viewers were supposed to believe that either Kurt or Santana would allow their special day to be someone else's special day, the trick didn't work at all.

Iconic: Luke and Laura (General Hospital )

Despite the questionable origins of this daytime drama couple, Luke and Laura were so popular in the '80s that their wedding was considered a national celebration. Princess Diana even made it international by sending the cast a bottle of champagne to celebrate the long-awaited elopement.

Cringe: Nick and Jess (New Girl )

Nick and Jess are a gold standard for any TV will-they-won't-they couple, and while it's understandable that the writers wanted to carry that same energy into the very finale of the show, it feels like a couple like this deserves better. A happy and fun celebration instead of a truly pathetic exchange of vows in a hospital waiting room.

The main couple was robbed of their special moment, just as all New Girl viewers were robbed of a satisfying finale.