5 Harry Potter Spinoff Ideas That Just Might Resurrect the Franchise

5 Harry Potter Spinoff Ideas That Just Might Resurrect the Franchise
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If Warner Bros. is so keen on delivering more Harry Potter content, they could at least listen to the best ideas from the fans and get it right.

Harry Potter fans remain quite skeptical about potential new projects within the wizarding world, but some of the spin-off ideas have lived long enough to potentially bring a breath of fresh air to the franchise if adapted.

Have a look at our favorite ones.

Founders Story

What could be more interesting for Hogwarts fans than looking back at the time when the four great wizards created the iconic wizarding school? The story of Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff is arguably the most exciting thing that could ever be adapted by Warner Bros. should the studio decide to create more spin-offs.

Just imagine young Salazar Slytherin building a secret dungeon in the castle, with a tiny basilisk hissing at his feet...

Marauders Prequel

Of course, the only prequel idea more popular than the Founders story is the story of the group we know and love as the Marauders: James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew.

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The emotional value of this prequel could be as important to Harry Potter fans as House of the Dragon was to Game of Thrones fans. The story of the Marauders, whether brought to the screen as a movie or TV series, could delve into the origins of the Voldemort vs. Harry confrontation and provide a deeper insight into one of the most emotional parts of the Harry Potter saga.

Ted Lasso With Quidditch

Okay, hear us out. Quidditch, according to many fans, has received painfully little attention in the movies, despite its huge potential. It would only be fair if the wizarding sport got its own spin-off, and some people have analyzed the possibility in surprising depth.

"You could either play off the British-American cultural differences and get a coach from some wizarding sport that only Americans play (wizard baseball, wizard football, or some entirely new wizarding sport we don't know about), or it could be about a baffled Muggle coach who married a witch or had a Muggle-born kid so the coach character already knows the wizarding world exists but who has not been exposed to it this much until now. Idk, the possibilities are endless!" Redditor ejectorcrab explained.

The Office... But With Ministry of Magic

Some Harry Potter spinoff ideas seem like a joke, but if you think about them too much, you might find yourself longing for a wizarding version of The Office at the Ministry of Magic.

In order not to mess with the canon completely (and not to make jokes while Voldemort is trying to kill every Muggle-born person), such a spinoff could take place in a modern world.

Other Wizarding Schools

The magical world does not have to be limited to Hogwarts. In fact, many Harry Potter fans are eager to see other wizarding schools and how they differ from the British institution. For example, after the Fantastic Beasts franchise dropped several references to Ilvermore, many people started rooting for the idea of creating a spin-off for that school.

And those who still want more Durmstrang or Beauxbatons Academy after Goblet of Fire could also support the idea. More variety for the Harry Potter universe!