5 Gorgeous Scenes That Were a Crime to Delete From Their Movies

5 Gorgeous Scenes That Were a Crime to Delete From Their Movies
Image credit: Legion-Media

Not all scenes make it into the final cut, but these five only improve their respective movies and should definitely have been kept.

Keeping to the theatrical running time can be a bit difficult for some filmmakers, which results in some scenes being cut from the final version of the movie. Most of the time these are completely unnecessary bits, but in rare cases you can't help but wonder why such a great scene was cut. So here are five scenes that definitely shouldn't have been removed.

Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004) - Bill's Street Fight

Bill is known as the leader of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, but in both movies we barely see him in action, except for his final quick showdown with Beatrix Kiddo. This scene, however, shows Bill in all his deadly glory, as after being confronted by a vengeful man played by Michael Jai White and his goons, the old assassin makes quick work of them.

King Kong (2005) - Piranhadon Attack

Peter Jackson's film did a great job of depicting the deadly inhabitants of Skull Island, from dinosaurs to giant insects, but somehow the scene depicting the most terrifying monster was cut from the movie. As our heroes traverse the swamp, they are suddenly ambushed by this aquatic predator that will definitely give you the chills.

The Terminator ( 1984) - CPU Retrieval

This deleted scene was later picked up in the sequel, when Miles Dyson revealed that his work is actually based on the central processing unit that belonged to the Terminator destroyed by Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese at the end of the first movie. And that is exactly what happened, as in this scene we see two Cyberdyne employees discussing their find.

Prometheus (2012) - The Engineer Speaks

When David wakes up The Engineer in the final cut, the ancient alien just stares at the android while David tries to communicate with him before attacking the crew, which looks rather odd since The Engineer doesn't even say a word in response. However, this deleted scene shows him having a brief exchange with the intruders, providing at least some explanation for his sudden aggression.

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) - Luke Mourns Han

The Star Wars sequel trilogy was heavily criticized for its treatment of beloved characters, including Luke Skywalker. In the final cut, he seemed completely indifferent to the news that his close friend had been killed by Luke's own ex-student, so it is beyond comprehension why this small scene, which lasts only 16 seconds, was removed from the movie.