5 Biggest Questions Yellowstone Finale Must Address

5 Biggest Questions Yellowstone Finale Must Address
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With Yellowstone's very soon and sadly premature ending, there are a few things we need to know before the show is finished, and we can't just let them go.

As Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner 's conflict drove Yellowstone to the ground, the modern-day western show still has half a season to wrap things up…

And there are a lot of those things. To be honest, we're mostly curious about the ending of these five plotlines — and we need answers before the Dutton family leaves for good!

Will Jaime rat out Rip?

Jaime managed to shock Beth by revealing the true nature of the train station as the burial ground for oh so many secrets.

We see why Beth was terrified, but the real question is whether Jaime will rat out Rip to see him go to prison — or will he put his own safety and freedom first and add this secret to the train station graveyard.

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Will Caroline strike back?

It's been quite some time since Caroline's airport project went to hell thanks to Beth, and the Market Equities boss swore to take her revenge on Beth and the Duttons.

Still, nothing's happened so far, and we're wondering if Caroline will actually deliver one of the devastating blows that will bring the Duttons down in the finale.

Will Beth destroy Jaime?

One of the most heartbreaking revelations of the show had to do with Jaime literally stripping his sister of the ability to ever bear a child again.

Beth was devastated when she learned the truth about her brother's betrayal, and when she learned that Jaime had a son, she told him to kiss the boy goodbye. Will she actually kill the kid?

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Will the stars align?

We're wondering which couples will get a happy ending in the finale. Will John end up with Summer? Will Kayce prevent the vision about Monica from happening?

Will Jimmy and Emily finally get married? Will Teeter and Colby, Walker and Laramie, and Ryan and Abby survive the final massacre and live happily ever after?

Will the death count reach double digits?

With Yellowstone, we bet the finale will be brutal and unforgiving, and we're expecting many deaths by the end of the last season.

We're certain that John Dutton will die since he's the reason for the entire show's ending, but who else will fall victim to the conflict between the lead actor and the showrunner?

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