5 Best Musical K-Dramas If You Don’t Mind An Occasional Song

5 Best Musical K-Dramas If You Don’t Mind An Occasional Song
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The list for those raised on Glee.

As the premiere of the revival of Mean Girls has shown, there are many people in the world who do not like the musical genre.

However, a good performance of a song or dance can make the show that much more fun, dynamic, and enjoyable. The musicals just need to be done right or not touched at all.

Here are 5 of the best musical K-dramas that you might want to check out first before deciding on songs in dramas.

The Sound of Magic (2023)

Unfortunately, under the weight of everyday challenges and struggles, we all tend to forget our childhood belief in magic. Troubled teenager Yoon Ah-yi wants to grow up as fast as possible to escape the life that drags her down. But the childhood magician Ri Eul brings her imagination back to life through real miracles and various fan stories.

About Time (2018)

What would you do if you knew how long you had to live? And would you change it if you knew there was a chance? When aspiring musician Mika finds out that Lee Do-ha freezes her life span, she is determined to keep him around at all costs. But when they start to fall in love, things get much more complicated.

Do You Like Brahms? (2020)

If you are a fan of music in general, have a special place in your soul for classical composers, and still hold the memories of your high school orchestra close to your heart, this drama would be perfect for you. This is a slow, beautiful and heartfelt story of two people falling in love with music and each other.

Dream High (2011)

High School Musical, but make it a K-drama? Easy! Dream High and Dream High 2 are perfect for those who enjoy a lighthearted and funny high school story with likeable characters and music to feel the blank spaces instead of dialog. A perfect choice to relax your mind after a long day at work, even more than a decade after its release.

Top Management (2018)

If you know how Korean idols are trained to become celebrities, you will understand why Eun-sung struggles through her experience. Instead of becoming a singer or actress, she becomes the manager of the up-and-coming but struggling boy idol group "S.O.U.L.", and this is where her true passion begins to shine through.