5 Best Maika Monroe’s Horrors to Watch While Waiting for Longlegs, Ranked by RT Scores

5 Best Maika Monroe’s Horrors to Watch While Waiting for Longlegs, Ranked by RT Scores
Image credit: IFC Midnight

Step back, Mia Goth!

Horror lovers are now eagerly waiting for Longlegs, a movie about an FBI agent and her attempt to catch a Satanic serial killer. Starring Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage, it’s already considered one of the best horrors of 2024, although it airs only on July 12.

However, before Longlegs will be released, you can check out other movies with Monroe, as the actress is now recognized as the new scream queen.

Here are 5 of Monroe-starring horrors, ranked by their Rotten Tomatoes scores.

1. It Follows (2014) - 95% on RT

First comes a movie that made Monroe a worldwide star and later achieved a cult following. This horror focuses on a teenager who finds herself chased by a mysterious supernatural creature, and the actress infuses her lead with all the necessary fear.

2. The Guest (2014) - 92% on RT

Being a mix of horror, sci-fi and thriller, this flick is certainly worth a watch. It follows a family who faces a series of deaths after a mysterious man comes to their house pretending to be their son’s friend. Monroe’s protagonist is a real badass here.

3. Watcher (2022) - 88% on RT

Next is a slow-burn gem that has the Longlegs star playing a young actress who ends up involved in the exploits of a serial killer after she moves to Bucharest. Monroe is literally killing it, delivering a stellar performance and displaying all the character’s trauma.

4. Villains (2019) - 84% on RT

Here Monroe co-stars with the It star, Bill Skarsgård, and they play two lovebird robbers who are forced to stop at the estranged couple’s house in the woods, only to realize they will probably never get out of there. The actors’ chemistry is really impeccable here.

5. Greta (2018) - 61% on RT

Finally, there is a female-led psychological horror that tells the story of a woman who befriends a lonely widow (played by Isabelle Huppert) and falls victim to her disturbing behavior. Be sure Monroe’s character is the one who makes it truly worth-watching.