3 Things 'Percy Jackson' Trailer Got Just Right

3 Things 'Percy Jackson' Trailer Got Just Right
Image credit: Disney+

The adaptation of Rick Riordan's novel seems to finally pay respect to the source material.

The premiere of the first teaser for 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' has quite literally made waves in the Son of Poseidon fandom (see what we did there?). The mere fact that Rick Riordan is now directly involved in the production as an executive producer has appeared to be a beacon of hope for fans who have been disappointed in the cinematic adaptation of the 'Percy Jackson' series — but the new teaser has truly fueled the hope that the upcoming Disney Plus show might actually be just right.

First of all, as many fans have already celebrated in memes, "he said the thing". Walker Scobell's Percy kicks off the teaser in the most book-appropriate way ever: by actually saying the lines that Percy started his half-blood journey with. The "I didn't want to be a half-blood" monologue appeared to be the perfect thing to set the vibe right in the first teaser.

Another thing that prompted a lot of fan enthusiasm is Percy's house in Camp Half-blood. Poseidon's cabin is a massive blue mansion, and if you tell us you "didn't want to be a half-blood" and live in one of those, we simply won't believe you.

Third thing is the way the camp itself looks. We got to see several signs pointing at different areas of the camp, from the houses to the archery and the arena. Besides, the teaser showed a sneak-peek of the camp's uniform: the signature orange T-shirts and makeshift armor appear to look like they were taken straight from the book pages.

The fact that the teaser seems to channel the energy of the books, and is done with respect to the source material has conquered fans' hearts. Still, there are many people who are unhappy about certain details: from Percy's hair color to the casting decisions when it comes to Annabeth.

First footage from the show comes months before the release. In fact, the show was initially expected to hit Disney Plus at some point in 2023, but currently, IMDb website features a 2024 release, with the date not specified. The first teaser only said that the series will be "streaming soon" on Disney Plus.