3 Movies You Should Watch Next If You're a Big Barbie Fan Now

3 Movies You Should Watch Next If You're a Big Barbie Fan Now
Image credit: Warner Bros, Walt Disney Pictures

Seems like it's not so easy to get enough of a dreamy pink world.

Greta Gerwig's Barbie became a cultural phenomenon long before the movie was released. But after the film was out, the number of fans skyrocketed. And there are many reasons for this.

Of course, we should thank Gerwig for the movie's amazing cast. Well, fans finally got to see Margot Robbie in a role that was definitely made for her. And Ryan Gosling as Ken? Well, that's a dream come true.

But surely the main reason why fans all over the world are so obsessed with the movie is its deep meaning. Tired of living in Barbie land, the main character starts to question every other truth she believed before, and wants to be something more than a Barbie doll.

This kind of idea has actually been shown in many other movies, but here are the best of them that you could watch now to extend the Barbie aftertaste.

1. Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon's Elle Woods was probably the closest character to Barbie ever to hit the big screen.This young and beautiful blonde girl who only wears pink, Woods was actually perceived by society as a carefree doll.

She got dumped by her boyfriend because she wasn't "serious," and thanks to that, Woods realizes that it's time to change her life.

She works really hard to get into Harvard Law School to make her ex see her worth, but ends up realizing it herself. She comes to understand that she is so much more than just a "doll" or an accessory for a man, and becomes a high-powered lawyer, respected and ambitious.

2. Enchanted

Another character close to the doll is actually a princess. Well, think about it, almost all the princesses we know were practically raised for one purpose – to marry a prince and become this beautiful thing close to the powerful ruler.

But one princess, Giselle, played by Amy Adams in Enchanted, has accidentally left her Disney world of singing animals and ended up in New York, where all the women have already realized their equality with men.

Both Giselle and Barbie are bubbly, optimistic characters who find themselves in a completely new environment and need to adjust.

3. 13 Going on 30

The 2004 movie is actually another great example of someone trying to survive in a time and place they don't belong. Jenna Rink, played by Jennifer Garner, wakes up after her 13th birthday and gets her wish: she has turned 30 overnight.

Jenna and Barbie both wake up in a new place with shocking revelations: Jenna realizes that she has gained power and influence by bringing people down around her, and Barbie suddenly understands that the mere matriarchy of Barbie Land doesn't mean they have "solved" sexism in the real world.

In the end, their journeys are quite similar, as they both have to figure out what they really want before they can truly move forward – Jenna eventually marries Matt, and Barbie gives up her perfect doll life to become a messy, imperfect human being.