2AM Jinwoon and BTOB Changsub's Conflict Over Drinking Habits is Amusing

2AM Jinwoon and BTOB Changsub's Conflict Over Drinking Habits is Amusing
Image credit: YouTube

Are you team 'hangover' or team 'ballads'?

For the first episode of her new YouTube show 'Nosang Again' SISTAR's Kang Jihyun (also known as Soyou) invited two of her close friends, Lee Changsub (from BTOB) and Jung Jinwoon (from 2AM). She described their get-together as "endless drinking and singing live in a chaotic party atmosphere" at an outdoor seafood restaurant on a beach in Eulwang-ri.

'Nosang Again' is a talk show where people are supposed to drink, sing and discuss various topics. According to Soyou, the only rule of the show is the following: guests are only given one bottle of alcohol each, and if they want to drink more, they have to sing a song.

Everyone knows that K-pop idols always carefully protect their public images, therefore their appearance on drinking shows is a rare sight and it attracts a lot of attention from fans. However, in the 'Nosang Again' video artists from the second and third generations of K-pop show that after so many years of their career they can finally allow themselves to be carefree and drink in front of the cameras and public eye.

Since Soyou claimed herself a 'professional drinker', she was also interested to know about her guests' drinking habits. Yet nobody could predict the hilarious reaction that followed her question whether Jinwoon and Chansub had ever been on a show while still feeling hung-over. The two male idols responded in unison – albeit with totally opposite answers. Jinwoon said "Never", while Changsub said "Of course", and then they both stared at each other with shock on their faces.

Turns out, Jung Jinwoon was the only one among three friends who never appeared on any TV show inebriated. Soyou and Changsub, who had this unpleasant experience many times before, couldn't even believe he was telling the truth, so the artist explained that he wouldn't be able to sing ballads if he ever drank before the show.

This explanation raised a ruckus even more because both 2AM and BTOB are known for their incredible ballads. Fans couldn't help but laugh when Chansub opposed in a playfully offended tone: "Hey! BTOB sings ballads too! You think we're lip-syncing then?". Jinwoon tried to save the situation by suggesting that maybe he just doesn't get a hangover. Since he indeed has a reputation of a skilled alcohol consumer to the point of being nicknamed 'The Soju Captain', Changsub and Soyou found it more believable.

It also should be noted that BTOB has participated in 'Tipsy Live' and other TV programs, encouraging drinking and talking in front of the cameras, so Changsub wouldn't be able to dodge this question and change his answer to save the group's image anyway. One time the artist even confessed that he had to record BTOB's song after heavy drinking to intentionally lower his voice and make it hoarse enough to achieve the needed melody. His honest answer makes the ability of BTOB's members flawlessly perform anywhere and anytime seem even more impressive.

The entire 'Nosang Again' show was filled with carefree and honest talks, as well as chaotic enjoyable atmosphere. Of course, it also included a drunk singing karaoke party which you might want to see for yourself! Jinwoon and Changsub showed off their immense singing skills even in a difficult situation where they were gradually becoming less sober. It's not every day when idols allow themselves to relax and fool around on a broadcast like that.