19 Movies So Bad, Even Their Directors Don't Want You to See Them

19 Movies So Bad, Even Their Directors Don't Want You to See Them
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Self-esteem is a fickle thing, and if you have an artistic occupation, you may have trouble with having a healthy one.

Thankfully, these directors neither have the imposter syndrome nor they think that everything they produce is golden: describing these 20 movies, they readily admit that their team has screwed up, and that's the reason why these works ended up being not very good.

Movie making is a very difficult process that forces a lot of different departments consisting of loads of people to cooperate. And sometimes this cooperation is not as smooth as it should be. The entertainment-making machine is not that well-oiled anymore, and everything starts falling apart.

Be it management decisions, bad budgeting, constant interruptions from the higher-ups — there are lots of reasons for the movie production to stumble and for the person who is supposed to be at the helm to feel helpless and hate the end result.

The fact that we easily created a list of 20 works like that shows that it's a systemic failure in the cinema industry, with the creatives, the driving force behind the whole project, being ultimately driven out. It's just business for the studios and not art, after all.