15 Underrated Westerns From the 90s Nobody Remembers

15 Underrated Westerns From the 90s Nobody Remembers
Image credit: Legion-Media

In the 90s, grunge was king, the internet was a newborn, and Westerns... well, they were quietly making some of the most underrated cinematic moves in the background.

This is a shout-out to those forgotten gems, the 15 Westerns from the 90s that flew under the radar faster than a gunslinger's draw. These aren't your grandpa's Westerns; they're a unique blend of dusty boots and 90s flair, and it's high time we saddled up to revisit them.

These are the kind of movies that might not have made a giant splash at the box office but have all the elements of a good ol' Western – the outlaws, the showdowns, and the dusty trails, mixed with a dose of 90s attitude. Think of them as the cinematic equivalent of finding an old, faded photograph in a dusty drawer – a little worn, maybe, but telling a story worth hearing.

So why do these 90s Westerns deserve a second look? Because they're the underdogs, the hidden treasures that remind us that sometimes the best stories aren't the ones everyone's talking about. They're the ones that got away, the ones that slipped through the cracks of mainstream cinema, waiting to be rediscovered like a lost nugget of gold in the riverbed of film history. So grab your Stetson and your favorite snack, because we're about to take you on a ride through the wild, wild (and wildly overlooked) West of the 1990s.