15 Post-Credit Scenes That Just Wasted Our Time and Went Nowhere

15 Post-Credit Scenes That Just Wasted Our Time and Went Nowhere
Image credit: Legion-Media

Back in the days after credit scenes mostly consisted of bloopers or just some cute behind-the-scenes materials that usually made us laugh.

There were, however, ones that put some crucial plot developments in these few seconds even before Marvel made it mainstream. But, sadly, it didn't work for these 15 movies.

Nowadays, the superhero genre forces us to be glued to our seats in the cinema up until the very end of the credits just so we can catch a glimpse of what may await us. When every next installment in the franchise is tightly connected to the others that were already released, this fuels your anticipation.

These little bits of information gave the viewers hope, allowed them to speculate, and created a buzz in the media. Sometimes, however, they end up being useless, and for different reasons, be it the change in the cast that rendered the scene useless or just the movie generally tanking at the box office.

These little teasers don't work as teasers if the audience doesn't want to see the continuation of the story and isn't interested in any sequels, so the probability of the little scene causing mayhem online and heightening expectations is low.