12 Feel-Good Movies for When You Don't Know What to Watch

12 Feel-Good Movies for When You Don't Know What to Watch
Image credit: Legion-Media

Even though the movie industry is moving towards darker and darker themes with each passing year, as the world itself grows darker and darker, there is still room for happiness in movies, as the demand for happy endings and feel-good stories increases from decade to decade.

If you're tired of watching gruesome thrillers and complicated historical dramas, take a break by watching the 12 movies below, each of which will leave you feeling happy!

There are a lot of classics on this list, but none of them feel saccharine and annoying in their happy-go-lucky atmosphere. On the contrary, movies like "When Harry Met Sally " and "Monty Python's Life Of Brian" actually touch on some pretty serious issues, and while they will certainly leave you happy after the credits roll, you won't feel manipulated in the least!

Great movies need to make their viewers think, and the 12 above are sure to satisfy in that department. Some people might think that light-hearted feel-good movies are nothing but a waste of time, but we protest against that thought, because the movie industry itself was created to make people feel happy and entertained, and no matter how many Oscars dark movies might get, there will always be room in our hearts for simple, lovable movies like the ones on this list.