10 Yellowstone Plot Twists That Wrecked Us All, Ranked

10 Yellowstone Plot Twists That Wrecked Us All, Ranked
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Yellowstone lives up to the reputation 'expect the unexpected'.

Yellowstone may have its predictable, cheesy moments, but it has also managed to mislead and trick the audience on multiple occasions. It's no secret that creator Taylor Sheridan loves a good twist, which explains why Yellowstone is riddled with them.

Experience 10 stunning Yellowstone plot twists that wrecked us all, ranked in terms of shock value:

CAUTION: Spoilers ahead:

#10 Jamie Kills An Innocent Reporter

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The first few seasons of Yellowstone helped set the tone for the modern Western, which sometimes feels more like a soap opera. Still, one of the most surprising moments in the first two seasons was when Jamie killed an innocent reporter.

The murder proved that Jamie was willing to protect the family's image, just like the other Dutton siblings. However, it also set Jamie on a dark path that would lead to other important discoveries later in the series.

#9 Jimmy Says Goodbye for 6666 Ranch

Things are looking up for Jimmy who is preparing to get his own Yellowstone spinoff based off the iconic Texas ranch. Nevertheless, the emotional season four finale came as a huge surprise for many fans.

The tear-jerker ended with Jimmy saying goodbye to the rest of the Yellowstone Ranch. Though he was moving on to bigger and better things, it was a bittersweet moment for the show.

#8 Monica Kills Her Son

Okay, Monica killing her son may be putting it a little cruel. Be that as it may, it didn't stop some fans from lashing out regarding how Monica handled the crisis with her second child.

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The fifth season opened with a major twist when Kayce received the bad news that Monica had been in a car accident while in labor. Fans criticized Monica for how she handled the emergency. Regardless, the moment was a huge shock to viewers.

#7 Lee Dutton Dies, Then Is Forgotten

Fans have to rewind all the way back to the first episode to remember Lee Dutton, the eldest brother, who was killed. The tragedy set the tone for the rest of the first season.

Despite this, many Redditors have pointed out that Lee has mysteriously disappeared from the show ever since. Still, at the time, Lee's death was the first real big surprise that grabbed the audience's attention.

#6 Jamie Discovers His Real, Biological Father

Jamie's discovery that he was not a real Dutton was one of the most unexpected moments of Yellowstone. The unexpected adoption in season three rattled viewers who really didn't see the twist coming.

Jamie Dutton, who is actually a Randall, has ties to Lee Dutton and his unfortunate death. Nonetheless, fans at the time were caught completely off guard by this revelation.

#5 Beth's Teenage Failed Pregnancy

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There are plenty of reasons to dislike Beth Dutton. However, a twist halfway through the third season of Yellowstone really took fans by surprise.

The episode features a flashback that walks viewers through Beth's failed teenage pregnancy. Not only was that moment a low point in her life, but it also explains her hatred for Jamie. After all, he was the one who had her sterilized without her consent.

#4 Kayce Dutton's Spiritual Quest

Admit it, the vision Kayce Dutton had at the end of the fourth season of Yellowstone was terrifying. The vision is part of a spiritual quest that Kayce undertakes during the Hanbleceya festival. The ritual involves taking hallucinogens and experiencing the visions.

As you can imagine, it gets pretty trippy from there. The 'end of us' foreshadows the tragic death of Kayce and Monica's second child a season later.

#3 Rip and Beth Dutton Finally Get Married

The marriage of Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton was one of the true feel-good moments of Yellowstone. The event takes place at the end of season four, but didn't exactly go as planned.

The unlikely events of the wedding disappointed many who had hoped that Sheridan would stick to the traditional script for once. Plus, it wasn't the only big surprise of the episode (Jimmy also shocks everyone by telling them he's leaving).

#2 John Dutton's Campaign for Montana Governor

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John Dutton's campaign for Montana governor took everyone off guard. And, for better or worse, audiences had to ride out the first half of season five with their favorite lead star positioned in that role.

It never really fit Costner well and was a disappointing way to conclude his run on Yellowstone. We'll be curious to see how Sheridan decides to write the character off the show once new episodes return this winter.

#1 Beth Sabotages Her Stepbrother

Season four of Yellowstone was a disaster for Jamie Dutton. Not only was he blackmailed into killing his biological father, but he was also cornered at the train station. Now that his misdeeds have been exposed, Beth really has her sibling by the cajones.

It was easily one of the biggest shockers of Yellowstone and will set the tone for the remaining episodes. Jamie may be backed into a corner, but don't expect him to go down without a fight (and at least a few other major plot twists).