10 Surprisingly Decent Terminator Rip-Offs Everyone Forgot About

10 Surprisingly Decent Terminator Rip-Offs Everyone Forgot About
Image credit: Legion-Media, Vidmark Entertainment

James Cameron's Terminator inspired a whole generation of filmmakers, and as Oscar Wilde once said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so there are quite a few movies that are based on similar topics.

And while Wilde's saying has a continuation, some of these works are far from being mediocre.

No one, not even Cameron himself could predict the success of the 1984s Terminator, but the story of the time-traveling killing machine filled with mind-blowing action, impressive VFX, and some dramatic twists prompted other directors to try and replicate its triumph.

The main point of a good Terminator-esque movie is a physically strong lead that can execute the action with the same honest brutality Arnold Schwarzenegger does.

And don't forget the dystopian setting that brings the feeling of doomed hopelessness to the screen, one that elevates the action. Thankfully, some of the movies in this list, like Shocking Dark and The Vindicator, added some extra horror elements to the story, changing the general vibe from being a blatant Terminator rip-off.

But the most fun out of these, I Come In Peace, feels more like an homage to the original Blade Runner mixed with The Terminator which makes it unique.