10 Most Disturbing Law & Order: SVU Episodes, According To Reddit

10 Most Disturbing Law & Order: SVU Episodes, According To Reddit
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These episodes should all come with an extra trigger warning.

Let's face it, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has never been a lighthearted show that you can watch to take your mind off things. The topics the show deals with are so sensitive and can be so hurtful if done wrong that you have to be prepared to know what you're dealing with before each episode.

However, throughout the 24 seasons of the show, there has also been a slight difference within the episodes. While some are more hopeful, others are so horrific that they leave no room for faith in humanity.

Here are 10 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episodes that are so cruel, violent, and sad that they are too disturbing to watch, even for die-hard fans.

Burned (S8E11)

For many people, being burned alive is one of their greatest fears, and that is exactly what the victim in this episode suffers. What's even scarier is her willingness to keep quiet and refuse to talk to Olivia in order to protect her daughter, who may be caught in the crossfire of this investigation. A truly heartbreaking and terrifying story.

Surrender Benson/ Imprisoned Lives (S15E1)

Serial rapist and murderer William Lewis has to be one of the scariest characters Law & Order: SVU has ever seen, and his obsession with Olivia Benson has kept viewers on the edge of their seats for many episodes. However, this one, in which he manages to kidnap and torture her, will forever remain the most chilling and heartbreaking.

Townhouse Incident (S17E11)

No one on the show has suffered more than Olivia Benson herself, and a good half of her struggles have come at the hands of the very criminals she's supposed to be fighting. In this episode, Benson is held hostage by the group of home invaders and rapists and forced to listen as they take advantage of a helpless teenage girl in the next room.

Damaged (S4E11)

We will never truly know what motivates children to harm others, and whether it is possible to save them. While viewers were shocked by the brutality of the adopted sister's treatment of the younger sister and the abuse the little girl suffered, they were also left to ponder what trauma from the system made her so hateful.

Daydream Believer (S16E20)

Another serial killer, Greg Yates, came from the crossover storyline with the Chicago PD. To this day, people cannot get over the image of him driving around with Nadia Decotis struggling in the back of his car to the happy tune of Daydream Believer. Way to ruin a great song for thousands of viewers, Law & Order!

Fallacy (S4E21)

This episode exposes the mistreatment of victims when they fail at every step of the investigation. The victim, Cheryl Avery, is treated so badly that the episode is really hard to watch again. Some viewers may argue that Cheryl's fate has to be the worst the victim has ever had. Also, the episode was filled with transphobia, which makes it look especially bad today.

Undercover (S9E15)

Whether you agree with the U.S. justice system or not, you have to agree that incarcerated people deserve to be treated with humanity. What Olivia Benson discovers when she goes undercover in a prison is about as far from humane treatment as you can get. This episode may be hard to watch, but it is also extremely important because it shows the sad reality that many women face.

Pique (S2E20)

One of the subjects that is always hard to watch, even when you think you've seen it all, is incest. Especially between a parent and a child. The consequences of such relationships are always worse than anyone can imagine, and viewers of Law & Order: SVU viewers will learn far more than they care to in this truly brutal episode.

Fault (S7E19)

Based on the true case of Joseph Edward Duncan, who was considered one of the most brutal killers in Idaho history, this episode dives deep into every detail of the murder. Too deep for some long time viewers. Despite the importance of the episode to Benson and Stabler relationship, many SVU fans find it too hard to stomach.

Pornstar's Requiem (S16E5)

While some people feel that this episode was intentionally angry and manipulated viewers to feel the full range of emotions, others just find it endlessly sad. It touches on a lot of issues that the justice system still has with sex workers, and the helplessness many people feel in the face of victim blaming.

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