10 Most Devastating Doctor Who Episodes to Rewatch If You Need a Good Cry

10 Most Devastating Doctor Who Episodes to Rewatch If You Need a Good Cry
Image credit: BBC One

You will need your Kleenex for this journey.

While we're all enjoying the new season of Doctor Who, led by Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson as the 15th Doctor and Ruby Sunday, it's always a pleasure to take a trip down memory lane. However, not every episode of the show has been all sunshine and rainbows.

If anything, Doctor Who has always been the show that reminds viewers of the saddest parts of life. From the war in which the Doctor himself played a major role to the deaths of some of our favorite companions, there has been no shortage of heartbreaking episodes. Here are 10 newschool Doctor Who episodes that hurt every Whovian the most.

Deep Breath (S8E1)

It's always hard for viewers to adjust to the new Doctor, but it's an even harder task for the in-universe companion. Clara's reaction to the new incarnation of the Doctor, portrayed by Peter Capaldi, was shocking and heartbreaking, but a call from the 11th to say his final goodbyes saved the day.

The Girl Who Waited (S6E10)

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond has always been, and will always be, one of the Doctor's fan-favorite companions. In this episode, however, she shines brighter than ever, playing the older version of herself as opposed to the younger, original one. The episode ends with the older version being abandoned, and it breaks fans' hearts every time.

The Rings Of Akhaten (S7E8)

Matt Smith 's 11th Doctor had his own way of sneaking up on fans. Though his entire era had a whimsical feel to it, his young appearance contrasted with his old and tortured soul. He was known for his speeches, and the one from The Rings of Akhaten was as powerful as it was heartbreaking.

The Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead (S4E8 & S4E9)

This two-parter suggested one of the cleverest character introductions and one of the most heartbreaking storylines. River Song, a woman who became the Doctor's wife, was introduced as a fearless archaeologist, but then died, risking her life for the Doctor. Little did we know that she would return with a great mystery and many secrets.

Journey's End (S4E13)

Sometimes letting go is the hardest thing to do, but it is the right thing to do. When the 10th Doctor's companion Donna Noble reached the point of no return, the only thing he could do was reset her memory, erasing all the adventures she had with him. Her pleas for him not to do this hit harder than several actual deaths in the series.

The Day of the Doctor (The 50th Anniversary Special)

Of course, Doctor Who could not celebrate the show's 50th anniversary with something sweet and light-hearted, but had to explore the lore behind the Time War the Doctor fought by introducing the War Doctor, played by John Hurt. Trying to save the Earth from another alien invasion, the 10th, 11th and War Doctors had to deal with their own traumas.

Doomsday (S2E13)

Although it hasn't been verbally confirmed, it was obvious that Rose was the Doctor's first love, which made their parting all the more heartbreaking. Thanks to the brilliant acting of David Tennant as the 10th Doctor and Billie Piper as his companion, the scenes on the beach live on rent-free in the minds of the fans.

The End of Time: Part Two (Christmas Special)

Who said a Christmas special episode could not be tragic? This finale of the 10th Doctor's run had the most heartbreaking regeneration yet. As the 10th continued to cling to life, not wanting to leave and become someone new, viewers cried as they remembered some of the best moments they had shared with him.

The Angels Take Manhattan (S7E5)

Another departure of a fan-favorite companion that hit the viewers harder than expected was Amy Pond’s, who has chosen to go after her husband Rory was taken by Angels. Her story was special since she met the Doctor as a child and then became a real family when he married her daughter. Saying goodbye is never easy, but this episode was a pure torture.

Vincent and The Doctor (S5E10)

Before his scandalous character in Mary & George, Tony Curran portrayed none other than Vincent van Gogh. Misunderstood and hated during his lifetime, the artist struggled with mental health issues. Showing him the recognition he received in the 21st century didn't help his illness, but it certainly made for a beautifully heartbreaking scene.